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  • DepotDawgs DepotDawgs Jun 15, 2008 6:38 PM Flag

    Nascar's faker than WWE

    Jr. did not win this race the rulebook won this race. Jr. just happened to be the car up front..... Nascar is so fake it ain't even funny. Anyone out there who doesn't realize that this crap of a sport is all script is idiot. Hell the WWE isn't as fake as this. So let me present my case. Let me see hmmm Jr. wins on Father's day... gee how convenient for him.... Jr. doesn't get penalized for anything hell he could have ran over that pace car and killed the driver... would have been fitting seeing how that pace car driver was probably someones's father (but he wouldn't have really died because it's all fake)... perfect revenge for Jr...... if Nascar wasn't faker than the WWE. Face it people Nascar is faker than Baraq Obama Husseins' (Iraq Osama Hussein) name. NASCAR IS FOR DUMMIES WHO BELIEVE IN FAKE CRAP ON TELEVISION. Sadder thing is half of the population in the USA probably believes this crap is real.

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