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  • so STFU you miserable couch potato losers!!
    once again you show your stupidity by being haters...you all know who I am referring to!!

    stupid bitches!!!!!!!!!!

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Did I read some where you said Rousch was no good here. 3 in the top 5 a happy hour. 4 in the top 8 Rousch powered cars. I'm curious when you say you stuff is factual. Do you still believe this is not a Rousch house. I'm No One but would like to know.

    • What did he have in his basement upon returning from pocono. I know so if you know Tony Stewart you should be able to answer this quiet easily. I'm might be No One but this will prove your a liar. Call him and ask him if you don't know.

    • Hey Traci 4544, Track hoe hi hoe its off to work you go!!! Who are you trying to impress! Its not working bonehead!!!

    • LMAO !!!!!!!!! Are you drunk??? Or sarcastic???? Because you can't be serious.

    • I admit I have issues that need to be worked out about myself, but just as well do you and your buddies. You all come out here every day dissing someone, what is it with you can't you be a little less bitchier? I will respect you when you respect me and quit being so damn critical of everyone for anything they say. From day one you have criticized everyone yourself my friend. If I weren't constantly criticized and every reply that I got weren't Kyle lover or dog food boy or something immature as such, then I wouldn't be so harsh back. Half of the crap that I have insulted people for were meant in plain ole good fun, sad part about it is never once did anybodies sense of humor show only their mean and cruel foolish side. As far as insults, insult me all you want just as long as you give up on the Kyle thing, quit running his name in the dirt. He is an awesome driver and has a great personality. He is not what everyone makes him out to be, the only reason he is hated so much is because he hates Jr. Just as I do. Jr. is the only spoiled brat in Nascar, just like Dan Beaver says in his column about Jr., his whole career has been based on how many blondes he can sleep with, never once until he got his legal butt kicked by his daddies true love did he ever think about wanting to win. The only thing Jr. ever wanted was more money, so he can have the finer things in life. I don't mind that that is what he wanted, but he runs everyone elses name in the dirt in the process of being the biggest failure of a driver(expected to do great things) in Nascar history. It has always been about Jr. and only Jr. noone else. He is a piece of crap and he will never change. When things go south for him at Hendricks, and they will, I guess that is when everyone will truly see him for the person he really is.

    • LOL jrgotpedigreed. You crack me up

    • BTW, I saw the entire 1st live race of NASCAR (Daytona late 70's) and the Yarborough/Allison fight was the best part of that race,LMAO.

    • Kids.....GO TO YOUR ROOMS>>>>>>>>>>>TIME OUT.

    • I'm not going to battle anyone BUT, as long as anyone wins besides the badass of NASCAR then I'm fine with it :) And I think Newman might have a surprize or two in store for everyone tomorrow.

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