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  • Timmer Timmer Jun 2, 2008 10:21 AM Flag

    Jr. vs. Kyle

    I'm not a Jr. fan and I'm not a Bush fan either. Showing up to Martinsville and Charlotte this year, I wasn't surprised to see all the Jr. fans booing Kyle. You read it in the blogs and hear it from the fans. I'll tell you what though, Kyle Bush drives more like Sr. did than Jr. ever has. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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    • kyle is being bad but there will be no other dale sr, hes one of a kind hurts me to say this, but nascar does need this bad boy image and kyle is running with no fear, but no sr hell never be, hes got to do his own image

    • You are wrong Kyle is nothing like Sr. He never wil be.I am sick of everyone saying that. He is talented but it takes more than that in nascar. As far as Jr goes he is just like his dad only difference he races clean unlike Kyle. He is way to aggressive and someone is going to hurt bad because of him. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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      • You know the same things were said about Sr. he is way too aggressive he is gonna kill somebody. Well he did kill someone himself, if that ain't proof enough that Sr. was as aggressive or even more aggressive than Kyle than you are a fool. The difference now is if you get killed or hurt badly in Nascar then you simply didn't belong on the track to begin with. Micheal Mcdowell showed us all how much punishment one car can take out there and he walked away with only a scratch, if that. These cars are way too safe to kill someone because of aggressive driving. The only way anyone will ever get hurt badly or die in another Nascar event will be a freak accident. Those boys know they are putting their life on the line, bottom line is you live by the car you die by the car. I am sure anybody that races wouldn't mind it, if it was their time to go, to go out doing what they loved best.

    • Very true, Kyle has more talent than JR any day.

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      • Good morning guys just wanted to say, that I just got into work and was looking over this Jr vs Kyle message board and you guys are great. Anyways I am a die hard "9" Fan, however I do like Jr. and Kyle, If I had to say one was better than the other I would have to say Kyle, in order order to win a race you have no fear, Sr had it and Kyle has it. Its something that you are born with, did any of you ever think Jr was going to great after Sr died in Daytona I would hope not.

    • I am a jr fan, but you are correct kyle drivers like sr did and thats why he wins. Some people expect to much from jr because of his name. Dont get me wrong he can drive or he would not be 3rd in points but kyle is the better driver like him or not. Reminds me of the old dale sr. And gordon rivalry a little.

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    • Right on..I thought so..He's a bit anal and hard to have a discussion with..He never answered my NASCAR question...I'm out for today...One last thing...I hope Kyle gets punted next week,that's when we see the real Shrub come out..Ask him,he's never made a driving error...You can respond to that Jr got,I know you will,but I'll have to wait til tomorrow to see how you smack back

    • thought id make it an even 30 before i left. later

    • no it was at jr. got pedigree, the life to serious comment was

    • thats the best thing you've said all night! and with that i will bid you good night boys. thanks for the bitch session! GO 88!

    • I won't tell you exactly but I am in the low to mid 40,000th rank. Only because I am very conservative.

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