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  • Mr. Ed™ Mr. Ed™ May 30, 2008 12:41 AM Flag

    Ethanol the big lie

    In a recent study it was determined: For a 747 to make a one way pass across the Atlantic. It would take 33 soccer fields of corn. Wow I put soccer and corn in the same sentence....And was not talking about a gay guy....Top That....Never mind !!!

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    • I'll take you advise and my own as i have stated on many occasions. Don't argue with stupid people you only look stupid. Okay your right you know everything sorry I offended you now will you go away please. this topic is dead because you believe what you believe and I believe what I believe. You think I'm stupid. I know What I Know.

    • Why don't you do a little bit of research and see who funded Al Gore's crap. It sure wasn't the democrats. Republicans maybe???? Yep, sure was. Al Gore was a decent person until he got screwed. Then just like any normal person he stopped caring and went with the money.

    • Wow you said never argue with someone stupid. So I won't argue. I'll point out the fact you say we would be in better shape if he never ran. Wow wrong on so many levels. let me break this down to one point. you blame liberals right? I f W doesn't run then who wins. The one causing all this with his global weirding. yeap Al Gore. Would we be better off I ask you?

    • Because if the stupid redneck never ran for president then all of this wouldn't be happening right now. If we actually had someone in there who actually cared about the people and not just his buddies, then this country would be in a whole lot better shape. He is the immediate blame, he started all of it. But doesn't even care if he finishes it. He is trying his hardest to leave the country in as worst shape possible, because he knows that a democrat is going to be the next president and he wants all of that weight off of him and shifted onto them. This way they will look bad.

    • You know what I don't need to explain myself to you and I won't because you are a punk. You look to ridicule everything unless it is part of your train of thought. So with that being said, get in touch with me this time next year and tell me you were wrong, go ahead be a man for one time in your life. Stupid California Dude is all you are punk.

    • HMMMMMM you blaming the liberals or the President, or you calling the President liberal. I'm confused stick to one story please.

    • Two things, first get spell check. Second, the only thing that makes you look more ridiculous than your assertions, is your obvious lack of any formal education.

    • You know what believe what you want. You go on hating everyone. That is fine with me. The fact is the liberal's are just feeding you this crap. The reason for it being that the more lies that they make up, the more shows they get called on, the more popular that they get, the more money they make is wat they do best, they spread hate because they know everyone clings to hate and hate is what makes money. If God himself told you this you probably would still believe the liberals.

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      • We can agree to disagree. I am hardly a shill for "Big Oil". I find it hilarious that some people want the oil companies to solve our energy problems. Would your company invent a cheaper product so they could make less. The only way out of this is good old American ingenuity. It's kind of like this. We Americans have wrapped bacon all over are johnson's. "Big Oil" is a Pit Bull. We looked cool jumping around for awhile. Now..."Big Oil" just locked on. Moral; Don't strap bacon on your johnson and tease a Pit Bull !!!

    • 33 soccer fields of corn is not as daunting as it sounds. You should look at the corn production numbers for the U.S. It is much easier to produce 33 soccer fields of corn than it is to refine one barrel of crude oil.

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