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  • Jon Jon May 30, 2008 10:08 AM Flag

    Ethanol the big lie

    No, I got your point, and I agree ethanol is a big lie. But that study is flawed that's all. I sell cars for a living and flex fuel equipped vehicles are basically a joke. It takes way too much corn AND gas to produce the stuff, plus it's a higher octane fuel than regular gas which equates to about a 20% loss in fuel mileage in comparison. All the while, we raise the price of feed corn for farmers who need to purchase it, which in turn raises the price of beef...etc, etc, etc. On top of all that, you can barely find gas stations that sell it to begin with.

    My suggestion: this country needs to legalize/sanction some form of producing marijuana to get out of the econmic disaster we're heading towards. I'm not talking about the kind that you smoke...hemp produces oil that is much cleaner, and contains more energy than conventional motor oil and could be refined into conventional gasoline similar to corn ethanol. Not to mention all the other textile benefits, and numerous other products that can be obtained from the plant. It would not affect the rest of the economy like we've seen with the price of corn. Problem solved.

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    • JON FOR PRESIDENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      • aaahahaaaa....nice picture you have there!!! Don't get me wrong...I love the recreational use of marijuana myself...good stuff.

        Unfortunately, the only way to get it passed through Congress would be the form of hemp that you don't smoke. (Unless you just want a really bad headache.) The other problem is finding the farmers that would be willing to grow it throughout conservative middle America. Money always talks however, and if the gov't supplemented the farmers well enough, I bet they would come to the table in droves.

        In Brazil, they use switchgrass and cane sugar to produce fuel. They have been independent from foreign oil for over 20 years now.

      • They would have to rename the Oral office again, to the Stoner's lounge if that ever happened.

    • George Bush is stupid enough last thing we need in this country is a stoned George Bush. My God I don't know what to think about that scary or funny? I know you said not for smoking purposes but if the government ever regulated it for any type of use I am sure they would regulate it for all uses possible. I mean why waste time with just legalizing it for material use, if it ever happens you know eventually that would lead to legalizing it for drug use. I am sorry stoners but this country is already getting worse, look at California, they legalized it for medicinal use but anyone can get it, all that they have to say is their finger hurts, and they get a script. Now look at California, their Governor is a joke and a half, and now they legalize Gay marriage. Really do you want the whole country to become California?


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