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    WIth the increasing gas prices at the pump and no end in sight, Nacar continues to burn and waiste fuel on a weekly basis like it's no big deal. Think of all the teams practice time, qualifying, racing and all the gas that gets dumped on the ground during pit stops, thats a lot of gas. Here we are all complaining of high gas prices, people losing business's because of the fuel crisis, and no familie for the first time ever, may not go somewhere just because of the gas prices. We are in a time to conserve what we have, but yet every weekend millions of people glorify a sport that has no regard what so ever about the situation with the fuel crisis.

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    • You have been reported for being an absolute dumb fuch!!!

    • In an entire season, NASCAR uses less than a tenth of a percent of fuel that this country uses in a single day! Their usage has zero effect on the price of gas.

    • Is there a gas shortage I don't know about? Last time I checked there is no shortage just extremely high prices.If I can afford it whats the problem with me trying to do my part to keep money in the economy of this country.A cup car gets 4 MPG and you complain about it. I drive an 18 wheeler and get 5 MPG are you going to complain about me next.Why are you complaining about cup teams wasting fuel ? Your not buying it so be quiet !!!!!! If you want me to stop because I'm wasting fuel at 5 MPG I will gladly not bring you your groceries. They are entertainment if you don't like it because "they are wasting fuel" then don't watch.You complain about NASCAR do you shut your car off everytime you run into a convenient store or do you "waste fuel" like the rest of us, what about indy wasting ethanol what about F1,World of Outlaws and just about every other local dirt track are they wasting alcohol fuel. GET REAL.

    • Yes fuel gets spilled. But the teams are paying for it. If it bothers you that much don't watch the race and start riding a bike as I am sure you could use it.

    • There is PLENTY of gas to be had on this planet..OPEC and oil big cats charge and produce what they want and we have no choice but to bend over and take it like a Bitc$.

    • APRIL GETS THE 69 post!!!!!! whooohooo! I knew who you were darlin'

    • excellent suggestions - yes, fans can change shoes depending on whether the car is tight or loose getting pushed into the corners.
      HOWEVER, the shoes will have to be made out of papyrus or some other naturally grown material, obviously we can't have rubber soled or patent leather shoes, those use some sort of fuel to be made, and we can't condone that.
      I like Jacked Up's suggestion, we go all Fred Flintstone on the cars...

    • I have the SOLUTION!

      No more FUEL. we don't even start the cars. here's how we do it.

      1) Each driver gets a team of fans to push the car around the track. 10? 15? fans per lap. Right before lap is completed, 10 or 15 more fans will be ready to take over and push the car around the track. Like a track relay race, passing the baton ( in this case, pass off the NASCAR Car Of TOday car).

      2) More popular drivers, such as Junior, Johnson, Gordon, Kyle, etc, (sorry if I insulted anyone or their driver, my BAD) and any other front running point drivers, let's say top 12 in points, MUST have fans willing to act as STEADY fans. Like a STEADY QB when we all played football as a kid, and had 5 players - one kid had to be steady QB, so we could play 2 against 2. therefore, drivers like Kyle Petty <sorry, just an example> will have enough "steady" fans to push him around the track for 200 laps.

      3) Fans pushing the cars will receive water, electrolyte drinks, or any other means of liquid refreshment in recycled paper cups. Drivers will have the same. We'll need volunteers to hand the cups to the drivers and fans as they BLAZE around the track at 3 miles an hour, like a running marathon does.

      4) "It ain't rubbing, it's racing" I frankly am concerned about this standard practice in NASCAR- not sure how to handle it if a fan gets crunched in between 2 cars battling for the lead. Obviously, waiver forms are needed. We'll print those out on recycled toilet paper, and fan pushers will of course have to sign that in their own blood - saves on all those plastic pens that are made of petroleum distillates.

      Other suggestions are welcome, as always

    • hey, do these guys actually burn gasoline.....I thought in methynal..... 99.9% comes from corn


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