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  • I'd hit it

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    • I live just 20 miles away from Tony and everybody is talking about him fessing up to teaming up with Jr. next year. I am glad someone finally backs up what I have been saying all along, why I switched from a Tony fan(was since his Indy days) to a Kyle fan. Tony and Jr. are one in the same, two peas in a pod. They are the dirtiest drivers to ever race in Nascar. Tony is a great nontechnical driver, win at all costs, no doubt and Jr. is just riding his coattails. I guess even Batman had Robin.
      No matter what Jr. does he won't win a true win, the only way he will win is the same way Kasey Kahne won by other people's misfortune. Jr could never race up front all day and win a race and everyone knows it. Kyle on the other hand proves he can time and time again. He defies the odds, and races every lap like it's the last, because after all, whose to say it won't be. That is the mentality this sport needs, more of Kyle Busch. Like it or not if other drivers don't follow in his footsteps they are gonna end up has-beens. That's only if they aren't already!!!!!!!!!!! As far as anyone saying that the way Kyle drives brings danger to him and the other drivers around him, what do you think the car is designed for? To sit back and not learn anything. At this rate Kyle is gonna be the champion for a long time to come. Kyle is learning all of the in's and out's of this car, not just some, like the ones that sit back and wait till the last lap to make a move. But that's fine don't drive like Kyle, next year with the experience he has from knowing what this car can do and most definitely can't do he will have an even bigger advantage than the rest of the field. So you make the choice tell your driver to sit back and relax and learn nothing from this car, and take the wins from other's misfortune's, or tell them to get out there and do what they get paid for, use these cars as hard as you can use them.

      I just need to give everyone an example of what I am talking about. Phil Jackson the coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, the greatest coach to ever coach in the NBA, says that when his team is playing if the other team goes on a run, he refuses to call a timeout. He states that by them staying on the court when they are down they learn more, and it sticks with them longer, than some 20 second timeout ever will. Greg Popovich the coach of the Spurs is the total opposite, if the other team starts to even show a hint of a run developing he instantly calls timeout to stop the other teams momentum. He might stop the other team but he also takes that learning experience away from his team. The Spurs were a great dynasty team don't get me wrong, but they will never be as good as the Chicago Bulls were and the L.A. Lakers are. So to sum it all up failure is your best friend, but that is only if you played your hardest when you failed. If you kicked back and relaxed when you failed, then you gained neither a win nor failure? One thing is for sure you aren't gonna learn anything unless you truly were trying your absolute hardest when you failed.


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