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    From MoToR to the board


    1st off let me say, I'm sorry! your right, why should I care what this dumb ass thinks. I let it go too far but when an idiot comes out and attacks you every time you make a post it get frustrating. This is most of the reason for sloppyness in my posts. I can't type as fast as my brain funtctions. So my fingers fall behind. No excuse I know I could proof read. I came out here for a good time. My good time is cut up with friends, and talk nascar. Boobie's is to cut me down and impersonate me.

    You say ignore him. Well when he impersonates you tells your friends off as you and they all turn against you, how do you ignore that? You come in after the fact with no prior knowledge of what has transpired. Many of you know me and know I've not always been lke this. I was a fool who allowed him to get my team of 4 years deleted. You would not be real happy either. You think I whine well let him set his sites on you. When you can't even convince your friends it wasn't you who told them off, what do you do? He is a virus but you choose to say its my fault. Thats fine one day you will be someone who he is jealous of. Then you too will know what it means to be harassed. Yahoo offers no protection and friends all turn, its okay because when I go to work I'm somebody. I will go away so that he has someone else to focus on. I only ruin the board. Not on purpose but because I allow him to get under my skin. You would too, If you lost everything out here.
    I just needed to realize its all fantasy out here. He manipulates the system to ruin peoples teams and reputations. You now will have to deal with him. He will be good to make me look bad, like I made it all up. But this thread says it all. You can tell by his post he is a moron with nothing better to do. If I return he will be invisable to me. I don't know why he has it out for me and at this point I don't care. I know who I am and I know how big a scum bag he is too. So with that I'm sorry that you feel I caused this. One day you'll see it was him and no one did anything to stop him, because no one can, Yahoo created a system that because he can hide, he will. He doesn't contribute. He probably don't even have a team. He hides behind a hundred names so you can't figure him out and is a worthless piece of foreskin left lying on a hospital floor. I at one time brought humor knowledge of the sport to this board. I was the one saying 4 days before the allstar race my driver finally got his head out of his butt and would win the allstar race. People laughed because he wasn't in the race. He didn't race his way in i still stuck by my guns till the end and my foresight was right Kahne won. Okay I went out on a limb again this week and called for Ragan to win so I'm not god, I can't perdict every race.

    He won't say what I did to cause this but I'm sure its hard to admitt he's jealous because at 1 time people liked me. He on the other hand will never know that feeling. So with that said enjoy the board, while it exist. If he gets his way it won't. I'm addicted to the board so I will probably never go away but I will not let this virus infect me when I do come out. I will take time off so that this dick head gets bored.

    I love how he tried to talk nascar today. "Hendricks will win the pole". Hey dipsh't hendricks doesn't drive pick a driver if you want to make a prediction. You showed me you have no knowledge of this sport. I predict kyle busch on the pole because of rain. If they qualify newman. Thats how you make a prediction dumb ass get some knowledge and quit f'ing wth people. Sorry have a thing about getting in the last word.

    This topic is deleted.
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