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  • A Yahoo! User May 10, 2008 4:31 PM Flag

    brucoinc/Kyle busch Drools

    you may post on this tread because it is for you. I'm sick of childeren and there ways. if you enjoy it out here stop harassing people. I could do the same thig to you but I'm not a child like you. so if you have nothing better to do go play X-box. Your harassing statements will not be tolerated anymore and if you think that you can run with the big boys, you will find that you chose the wrong bunch to start with. Soon we will get this board back and we will have fun out here but if your idea is fun is telling some one 100 times to get a life then go to another thread. another site or even get a life of your own. your antics are boring at the best and if you want to do battle with me then you find itsa lonely world for you. Ask kartracer63 how he feels right now. Don't be jelous because you have no ability to entertain the masses. we don't care whatyou think if you don't like whatwe have to say then don't attract attention to yourself. bercause I am far more powerful then you will ever be out out here. why because people like me. and no one will put up with your garbage any more you probably started all of this garbage that has gone on tisd week and when people start to realize that you were the 1st one then the troble for you will begin. It would be best for you to keep you posts to what you know about. If you don't then you will be the one who has to suffer the rath on this board.

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