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    F%$% Yahoo the killed themself By MoToR

    I see people are upset about me. They(yahoo) don't care. They did nothing when we asked them too. but a 13 year old comes along and they kick one of the people that kept this place in order and kept people coming back. I know I said I would go away because everyone said that they needed normalcy. Well I wen't away and now the board is back to the way it use to be, Boring and no fun. Everyone has gone to another forum. where they have freedom. Unlike the hypocrites that run this site. It is hours before a race and no one has anything to say. I have tried every possible thing I can think of and can not get a real reponse to any of my questions. Just Generic E-mails.I guess I'll be back on the nascar board where I started. That game is more boring then this board though. Are there any other leagues that I can join that might be fun. I refuse to join fantasy racing under any other screen name. why so in a couple of years some thirteen year old can come out and take all that away. Yahoo is a communistic entity. They don't care about anything except the money. They don't care about rights or freedom. I'm putting this thread out so maybe they will be drawn to it because of the name on it. MoToR. They know who I am by now. So Yahoo what do you think? Did you F$%# up by axing me? Seems no one has anything to say out here now. are you happy. do you still think shooting yourself in the foot was worth it. The only reason I haven't left here is because the stupid kid is out there too. So while he is there I'm not going to be because I really would rather see that stupid kid run over by his school bus then ever say anthing to him again. I befriended him after he came out to fight with me. Much like other people out here. Curse you were the one who ispired my fame and thank you sorry yahoo burnt my cookies. so you'll have to make your own now.
    I have been a Member on here a long time and never had 1 abuse report and they won't even tell me what I did, Without the law making them. So what choice do I have.I'm glad everyone left. It makes me feel a little better knowing there are people out there that miss me but when I give up my fight for this account reinstatement. I will be gone forever. My account name was motorshell@yahoo.com go ahead spamers spam it and anyone who wants to flood Yahoo with reinstate motorshell@yahoo.com e-mails do it let them know how stupid the move was they made. the only reason I even came back out was to tell Da Goat you were the reason I even stayed on this board in the beginning I wanted to say good bye to you since you weren't here when this all happened. Dude you Rock and I hope one day our path's will cross again. Maybe Yahoo will see things and reinstate but i'm not counting on it. they are just a bunch of computers with no brains, no feelings and they want thing to be boring out here obviously. Get the word out Yahoo sucks.

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