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    Lets talk racing

    Since this board has gotten out of control and people have taken satisfaction in having others removed, it's over and lets get back to the idea of what this board is here for. Do any of you remember??? It's to talk about racing not to whine and whimper about how Jr can't win or stop making fun of Jr or He cheated (insert Driver Here) or how boring a race is. Lets get back to talking about picks and what’s the latest news. Does anyone remember that???? I sure do.

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    • I'm always willing to help, thats how I made most of my friends here... :) Good luck with your picks...

    • Exactly, someday it won't be all about having a big cash flow and the fast cars, the booze and chasing skirts. But for now that is where I am in life..I'm guessing the booze will get me right after my luck with the ladies runs out. At least I'll go down having fun. Any way thank you for your time tonight. You have been more than I expected to find out here. I bet your a friend to a lot of people.Gotta go. I have a big shot meeting at 8:00am sharp tomorrow. Thank again!

    • Yeah, You've got to live for today because it is impossible to tell what the future will bring...

    • OK, I have a good idea now . I just need my picks to co-operate so I can at least be average. I should have joined sooner, but my life syle has me busy so much. Besides my job, this is as close to commitment as I will try. Just the word commitment gives me the shivers..I got too much living to do to settle down just yet. You only get one shot at life, right?

    • Average is around 250 or so depending on the race... Obviously you want to try for 300+ every week but it doesn't always happen. My lowest week was 196 and my highest was 326...

    • a 300 point average for each race so far this season would give you 3000, that would probably have you close to the overall top 100, since the no. 1 rank overall hase just over 3100 points on the season so far.

    • What is a good average. By that I mean, is 300 or better above the normal average.

    • Here is my idea about that hairy...
      HMS was so good last year with the COT because Nascar has been working with HMS for 3 years prior to the COT debut to test the COT and help the COT come into fruition. With the 48 and 24 battling it out between themselves in the championship last year everyone else went to work looking for an advantage, even Jr and Tony Jr. Remember how good Roush was running at the end of the year? HMS is thinking in the off season that they would just need to fine tune, but a lot of other teams have made big jumps. This year comes and the only one that is running good right out of the gate is the 88, the only one not on the team.

    • The max points will varry for each race depending on where drivers finish. I think it is normally around 380 or so...

    • I don't think that HMS has gone very far down hill myself, I think that some of the other teams have stepped up to the CoT plate so to say, HMS Ruled the COT races last year...this year after shared technology, or stolen..had to throw that in about M Waltrip...ha ha...or research or whatever has helped them improve the CoT, has made the other teams much more competitive...

      I mean obviously by the end of the year last year C.Knaus had the 48 dialed in on the highway to hell...LOL

      leaving only afterburner vapors in it's wake..

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