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  • RimZ™ RimZ™ May 5, 2008 11:49 AM Flag

    If it were Hamlin not Jr

    and all instances were exactly the same until the point of the spin, does Kyle spin Denny? thoughts....

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    • simple anwser. no! people forget there is a little history between JR and Kyle. Chase last year, remember when Jr flatout wrecked Kyle? These drivers don't forget. Richmond was more of tough racing. Also Jr could have made it harder for Kyle by driving his car down harder even if it was hard for him to run low. He should of forced Kyle to go high a bit earlier. Besides Kyle was gonna pass him in the next turn and Jr knew that.

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      • I do agree Kyle was on his way to passing him, and Jr knew it and went to pinch him down, trying to make him get out of the gas......but Kyle made a right turn into Jr. spinning him out. you can see his tires on the replay go to the right. Correcting being loose? Cant do it coming out of a turn with a car above and ahead of you without wrecking him. It transfers the inertia to the outside car, spinning it. Physics at its finest.

    • yeah, i was surprised......I thought it'd be the 48 with the better run, in here comes Gordo. HMS is on the brink as a whole i think

    • You are right again, the cream will rise in the end. I don't know what Steve Letarte poured into his tank, but that car took off after the first round of stops. I think he must have got that special blend from MWR. He couldn't even hardly keep up at the beginning of the race and finished in the top ten. That is how a comeback starts, getting good finishes out of not so good cars.

    • I wouldnt count out the 24 either. I gotta beleive when everyone catches up to one another with the new tire, the cream will rise to the top like it always does.
      I think Burton could run into a long string of bad luck. I just dont see him being able to qualify 35th or worse every race and come through the field every week, there is just way to many things that can happen back there and you cant duplicate that every race.

    • Yeah, I wouldn't count that 17 car out just yet.

    • Yeah this year reminds me a little of the 1st year of the chase when everyone said he was done to get in the chase like 4 races away from the chase. Then we went on to win the pole at Bristol and lead every lap to clinch a spot in chase. He is 300 pts out of 12th place, I beleive he can pull it off.

    • Of course he does, that is Kyle. He and Jr had been into one another, even before Denny's tire started to go down. Jr said on the radio that he couldn't hold his car down low, so he took the high line. Kyle could drive hard into the corner and get under him, but Jr would get him on the straight aways. You knew that it was just a matter of time with those two.

      Jr was holding Kyle down which made him loose, but Kyle being Kyle didn't back out of it but turned his wheels to catch the car. If Jr goes up, Kyle goes by, if Kyle doesn't turn his wheel he looses the car. I don't see it as intentional, but not give and take either.

      I was also at the race and saw several times where guys gave way so as not to cause a wreak. Jeff Gordon could have wreaked Denny early in the race when he got his car in a bad place on the back stretch, but he gave him room. It happens to all drivers, some are more generous than others. If he is racing Martin, he can get away with that move, but with Kyle you got to know that it is risky.

      Also there was no conspiracy to give Kyle position. Denny and his crew chief were discussing whether to come in or not. They were hoping that the tire would either hold long enough or that if it didn't that there would be a caution. It was a gamble, but could have worked. The problem was that Nascar did not throw a caution, so when he just stopped to draw the caution, he was penalized. To Denny he has nothing to lose because that is exactly what would have happened if he comes into the pits.

    • What nobody seems to see is that Junior ran a different line going into turn three than he had the previous 30 laps. That's on Junior!! Everyone knows, and nothing against Kyle Busch.. Kyle would spin his Grandmother for a win!! LMAO!!

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      • agreed, Jr did come down more inside than he had the past several laps, but, he had to.THATS racing for a win, protecting yourself from a pass. Had he stayed high, he'd have GIVEN the race to Kyle, then imagine the flaming Jr would've gotten (and deserved) on forums all over the country then! He did what he hadto, and was supposed to do, protected the bottom. Kyle still had half a car width on the bottom still, but he's not going to take his own spin, that he himself induced by driving in too hard. Junior got him when he came down, I dont think Kyle was expecting that when he dove in so hard. Junior picked the perfect time to pinch him, Kyle just wont back off when pinched.

    • My take on it...of course he wouldn't have. Maybe I sound like a conspiracy theorist, but the whole turn events after Hamlin's tire starting to go down I believe was planned. Hamlin didn't even try to pit when he knew the tire was going down. He stopped on the front straight up against the wall and the second he saw the caution flag waved he started moving again. When they restarted Kyle blew the restart and spun his tires and Jr got a nice jump on him. Kyle in his interview stated that his car did not "come to speed" until about ten laps. Thus, as he knew he blew the restart and knew he didn't have the car to take Jr. so when the opportunity arose he took him out. Anyway I look at it in the replays Kyle clearly turned up into Jr (and while I was at the race and couldn't hear the tv commentary it is my understanding that as it was happening and right after the annoucers all agreed that Kyle turned into Jr). I don't know if this came from Denny and Kyle, their respective crew chiefs, Joe/ J.D. Gibbs, or Toyota...but somewhere along the lines this plan was placed in motion the moment Denny realized his tire was going down.

      This all coming from someone that was at the race and not a Jr nation fanatic. Go Mark!!

    • Yeah I think he spins Denny or Tony. Not that he was intentinally spinning anyone, I just think that he would have tried that same move on anyone in that situation, and the result would have been whoever it is spinning.

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