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  • Daniel S Daniel S May 4, 2008 7:03 PM Flag

    Proof that Jr. was at fault???

    I know all you Jr. fans dont want to hear this, but here is a poll taken today from a certain legit site:

    Topic for Week of May 03, 2008
    Who was at fault in Saturday night's Richmond tangle?

    Kyle Busch: 1.1% (3017)

    Dale Earnhardt, Jr.: 98.4% (259822)

    Just a racing incident: 0.5% (1261)

    Personally Im shocked at these numbers, but it does in a way show how loud and whiny all you Jr fans are sounding right now. The people have spoken and Jr. was at fault. Sorry everyone.

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    • You dumb fuck. What does that poll have to do with who was at fault?

    • it's a poll dumbass...a POLL...it's peoples opinions...dumbass

      Let's take one now...

      I vote you are a dumbass...

      your losing 1 to 0...dumbass...

      & did you notice that dumbass is spelled right???...dumbass...

    • your as stupid as the baby birds that fall out of my pine trees every year...

      & then the ants get them...


    • If u think about it??? it was deny hamlins fault becouse he stoped on the race track to bring out the caution which gave kurt a chance to catch up with jr. and wreck him.

    • No way. How many was in your pole 1 or 2?

    • i thnik they were both at fault.Jr went into the corner too high and kyle slid into him.

    • Well, I am a JR fan...but, I also have a brain. It was just a hard racing incident. Busch drove in to hard and got loose while JR pinched down and didn't give Busch the room that he had been giving him. I was as disappointed and pissed as all the other JR fans as it looked like Busch turned up into him. But after watching the numerous replays it was obvious what happened. Did anybody else notice at Talladega that it seemed that the last accidents were somehow caused by JR (I could be mistaken)? He seemed to have missed most of the damage but he was a small part at least.

      It just looks to me like his patience is wearing thin and maybe Tony and team are missing a little bit on the adjustments.

    • well i seen this and hate to say but d is right, vote for kyle up 1 point and for jr jumps on up there more than one, dont know why they would do this unless its a pity cry not to jump kyle. but people it was racing 2 going for lead to win both wanted it and when ever this happens someone going to lose, esp between these guys both have points to prove, this sport needs a new rival like they had back in the ole days, sr vrs dw, all vrs yarb, and so on, with all these new changes they need something to keep it exciting , cause face it w/ these new cars not too much excitement anymore, look at bristol used to be a crashem up derby now its a long race, winston is needed bad, the chase needs to go, nobody runs to win them all anymore just to finish to get to chase, whoopie chase sucks plain and simple, so what a driver wins the champ with 4 races to go, everybody still loved it then, ive seen season ticket holders that have had the tickets for yrs at bristol and all knows how hard they r to get unless u pay large, just sell them off for nothing, but they keep bush why they are more exciting at bristol than the bigboys !!!!just a thought!!!!

    • Daniel, that poll on racingone.com is bugged, there are a couple threads discussing it. If you vote for Kyle being at fault or you click see results without voting, it automatically adds about 300 votes to Jr. being at fault. Surprised me with racing one. go try it, vote for kyle, then vote again and watch junior's total jump.


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