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    Open Letter to Kyle Busch

    Dear Kyle,
    First off, I'd like to tell you that I think you are a very talented driver. With that said, I would like to give you my humble opinion of your actions over the past weekend. Your ego is bigger than my house! You appear to think of yourself as the king of Nascar, with all other drivers serving you and your ambitions. Steve Wallace got it right on Friday when he said you were a "cry baby". I enjoyed seeing him grab you by the helmet and shaking your head like a rag doll. I just had a funny idea. A Kyle Busch bobble head doll might sell. But it would need that superior looking smirk you have. Maybe with erasable paint so that we could "wipe it off your face". Your brother had that same smirk until Tony Stewart helped him lose it. Next topic: Saturday. It was very impressive how you came from the back to challenge for the lead. Talented drivers tend to do that. That is also when you showed your lack of sportsmanship. Dale Jr. gave you plenty of room to run the bottom for several laps prior to you punting him. You clearly had at least a car width between you and the yellow line. You had no problem running on the line until the only way to win was to knock out the guy that took your place at Hendrick. Dale showed class in the interview after the race. He bit his tongue so much I'd bet it was bleeding. Hope you got out of town safely.
    Now go have a good cry, grow up, and give Jr. a call to beg his forgiveness.

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    • Kyle may have a big ego,but most of it he can back up. To bad for hendricks to trade him for Jr. Kyle is not looking back. I liked what kyle did in the Sprint race,because he was racing. Thats what it is racing.

    • no i was responding to nht44us

    • no not you, Da Goat that other guy.....look at the response lines

    • Kyle Busch is the only reason I watch racing.. They should automatically give him the win and so we dont have to go through this whining bullshit.. aww poor jr

    • My gosh -- I have never heard Kyle Busch whine to the extent that Junior's fans have whined...

    • D I think the problem is we have a guy with a knife trying to start a gunfight! LMAO!!!

    • What nobody is understanding here is..

      Busch fans think it's funny..

      Junior Nation thinks it's a outrage..

      We NASCAR fans know it was hard racing on a short track!!

      Nobody was wrong or right, if you think Kyle won't spin you.. Crowd him!! LOL!!!

    • Oops! Sorry, I thought you were one of the irate Busch lovers. lol

      I will look closer next time.

    • When will Jr. fans finally wake up and come to the reality that it is? Jr. is not Sr. and never will be! He probably wouldn't want to be either. He is not heir apparent to NASCAR's throne and while somewhat talented he is far from the best. He couldn't win in the #8 car and blamed it on DEI but isn't it amazing how Martin seems to run upfront every time he climbs behind the wheel? I guess no one else saw the interview with Eury during the race when asked how it was going and he replied " babysitting"! Wonder who he was having to baby sit? Rowdy is an excellent driver this year and by no means was saturdays mishap his personal fault alone. It was a racing incident that has been seen hundreds of times before. I guess Jr. Nation would rather every one else park their cars so Jr. could get a win? He may accidently win one this year but only because he is in the best equipment money can buy and NASCAR may mandate it just to keep peace. Grow up boys and girls right now there are a number of drivers better that Jr.. Even Rowdy won in a Hendrick's car. Carl Edwards is the man to watch anyways.

    • Busch just dumped him like Jr did Kyle.
      Don't remmeber that JR Nation?
      Yea thats the one you know that took Kyle out of the race for the chase that Kyle was in at Kansas 30 laps into the race...

      You race the way you want to be raced ...Kyle showed em Saturday night Racers never forget

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      • Hey, i just read this in another post.

        However, payback on Jr is one thing, and like I said before, is a viable argument. BUT, says nothing towards his actions in the past, driving like he's the only car on the track and accusations of purposely wrecking other drivers (besides Jr Sat. night), and his comments from Friday that he'd wreck anyone who got in his way. That "payback" saturday isn't just about Jr now, it is now about 46 or so other drivers in the series as well. Whether you're a Junior fan or not, unless you're a Kyle Busch fan, based on his actions and comments ALL this season, you should be worried about your favorite driver, too.

        I think Kyle deserves and has earned this letter.

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