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    Jr lovers and haters


    It seems to me there are 3 class of people out here. Jr lovers. Junior haters and people who really don't give a shit. Of these three classes Lovers and Haters are complete and total idiots. Now I know I am going to make a lot of enemies with this post because the idiots are already pissed and replying. You will know who they are. Most of them will just post back "No You're an Idot" (Sorry kart wasn't calling you out on that. Thats just funny there I don't care who you are) Alright reasons.

    Haters they just come on here to start fights. Jealous of his fame. They are using this point in his career to Start fights. Jr. hasn't won in I don't know 71, 72 races. Wow you seem to follow Jr. pretty close to hate him to know that stat. Lets see this is a team sport is it not. So why is it that Jr. gets all the blame. Is that your only argument. Oh no! the jealousy part, "Jr.s gay". The out cry that they want to sleep with him. So if he is or isn't what the F' does that have to do with anything. What people do in their bedrooms doesn't define them. Why are you so worried about what they do in there? They are race car drivers why do you think about their bedrooms are You jealous and what to be his partner. Come up with some legitimate reasons why he sucks. Here let me help you. Was it Jr that caused the big one at the end of Talladega. Did he Hit Mc Murray so hard from behind he sent him up the track. Causing the field to become scattered on the final lap. Yes He finished 10th but was it a bone head move that got him that.

    Lovers, Most of you. don't have a brain in your head. (did you see MOST) some Jr fans are intelligent and can read. So I don't worry about offending you. You know if you fit the ticket. If you find it offensive then its because you know it to be true in you. You like Jr because........... Ah, well, Everyone does. Ah, oh, someone tell me what to think I'm too stupid to have my own opinion. You see fans cheer for him. So you get in line. Drones mindless drones with no real thoughts in your head. This became evident in my Jr Sucks
    at making stupid people look smart thread. It did what it was suppose to do. Shut up the Jr haters. They read, they understood and shut up. What I never unanticipated was how stupid Jr fans are. The only reason they won the last poll is because Haters never replied. Does this make them smarter because they knew they had no argument to why Jr. sucks. So they just kept quiet. The Lovers who posted had enough sense to pull the other idiots over the top. So maybe the small percentage of fans that have a clue need their own category. Then all the drones will copy so it will be hard to tell but this post will help because the idiots couldn't concentrate long enough to read this far. They have already posted comments to this thread with a stupid argument.

    People who don't give a shit. We are the smartest of the three. We may get caught up in the stupid comments made and get into an argument with a Hater or a Lover or both at the same time. We have that capability because we use our brains We tend to keep our comments based on fact and always seem to find away to make people who don't know what they are talking about look as stupid as their comments. So all of you people who don't give a shit. Lets make this race a race where we just get entertained by the idiots and just laugh our asses off at how stupid they look bickering. We just post to their comments drones, idiots, stupid, Good point or any other acronym that applies. Just to let them know what they look like.
    And I don't give a shit.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • thats ok anyways.i am a big fan of jr,as you could tell when i humiliated myself on my first day on these message boards(that got us both publicity),lol.But i also don't give a crap ethier.
      Yeah,jr wrecks almost every week now,(or something happens),but he still ends up in the top five somehow.When jr gets his win this year,i'll be happy.I think everyone will,even the haters.This situation is simalar to dale sr when he never won the
      daytona 500,everyone was happy!I think it will be the same with jr

    • *Bowing*

      "we're not worthy....we're not worthy...we're not worthy..."


      me I am a Hendrick MS fan...but I could give a shit about Jr. myself...hasn't proved anything....

      like you implied.... when the commentators talk about Jr. and how "good" he is...all they have to say is that he ..."hasn't won here in X amount of years"


      Rock on

      Heres one to get the Jr. fans riled....

      did Dale Sr. grow the bushy 'stache to cover his hairlip, or did he grow it to hide the white crust in the corners of his mouth....