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  • ToddA ToddA Apr 30, 2008 2:50 PM Flag

    Used up drivers

    Have you guys looked at 3 of the top 4 overall and how many times they have used their drivers.

    1st. 18 - 8 times 88 - 8 times 83 - 7 times
    2nd. 88 - 6 times 18 - 7 times 83 - 7 times
    4th. 88 - 8 times 18 - 7 times 83 - 8 times

    It's time for those guys to start dropping. I know people say that if a driver got you a lot of points then you didn't waste him.

    Well that theory isn't correct. Let me explain:

    Let's look at Cali.
    I used Truex and he finished 6th.
    Other people may have used Busch who finished 4th.

    So at this point the people that used Busch are ahead.

    Then comes Chicago. You can't use Busch because you already used him up. So you are stuck with using someone like Truex. His average finish over the last 4 years there is 27.5. I use Busch. His average finish over the last 4 years is 10th.

    So the points would look like this if you take their results at Cali and their averages at Chicago.

    Cali Truex 80 points.
    Chi. Busch 70 points.
    I would have 150.

    Cali Busch 86
    Chi Truex (who you are forced to use) 48 points.
    You would have 134 points.

    Truex was just used as an example and could be represented by any driver other than the 88 because a lot of people will use him up too.

    You need to use the drivers that are good a each track and not just use up one driver. Because you will get to a point where you used up a driver that is good at a track and will be forced to use someone that isn't good like Truex at Chicago.

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    • Haha, you are def. right about this my man. I'm ranked 3,990 and I only have ever used one real good driver in B CLASS a total of 3 times so far, and that's Kasey Kahne. All of my other drivers I only used 1 of 2 times. It necessarly doesn't matter who you choose for A CLASS nor C CLASS, you just have to be wise when it comes to the B CLASS. SAVE THE GOOD DRIVERS FOR LAST......I'll See you in the TOP 500 in about 10 races my friend!

      (For Example)

      This weekend at Richmond:


      2.Martin (use him up til the end of his 9 starts but make sure you know what races he's starting in)
      3.Ragan (He doesn't seem like a good pick? Well his average finish is 18th, Kasey Kahne's is 18th, Newman's is 17th)

      4.Kvapil (use Kvapil, Reuttiman until race 18, then start using Menard and Vickers)

    • Thanks and nope I do it at work...which makes it pretty fun.

    • Then your point isn't to save him (per se) but to plan your drivers for the tracks that they traditionally do the best (which I agree with in theory). However I also look at the hot hand as well. Some drivers (Tony for example), can get on a hot streak and I tend to ride that horse for all he is worth.

      Where you really make your money is getting the good runs out of the less popular drivers. For example in the B group most folks will use up Jr, Busch, Newman, Martin, Truex, Biffle and Kahne. What do you do for the remaining 9 races? Well two are road courses, so you can use specialist there, but how you do in those other 7 races (whereever you place them) is crutial.

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      • That is funny you guys are talking about using the drivers that match the tracks best, cause I do not have great knowledge of Nascar due to the fact that I have never have watched a race before this year. So, I created a computer program that gives me several different driver aspects and opinions and spits out the best drivers for that particular track along with the number of times used then I may make decisions on hot driver switches. It even gives me the best qualifiers at particular tracks.

    • Wow that was some digging, but you are right about the guys that are using all ther top drivers are going to hit a wall sooner than later.


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