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  • Hot Shot Hot Shot Apr 29, 2008 3:29 PM Flag

    let's get somethings straight

    There r a few problems about NASCAR that just piss me off. First, why r there still old guys driving? It not like they're going to win anymore. Get off the track!! If Bobby Labonte had not been in the 43 Dodge, Jr would have won Talladega. And Petty, I know he wants to race but get out of Sprint cup. Go race Nationwide or something. Second, is that there are too many whiners in NASCAR. Like Tony Stewart, its only ok to spin out other people, but when he gets spun out, he'll bitch and moan. What ever happens on the track, stays on the track. In racing, don't bring ur work home. And third, what's with all of these foreign drivers? I got no problem with it, it's just that NASCAR is one of the only American made sports. That why there is Formula One. Go race that, ya fuzzy foreigners!!

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