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    another week of jr fans defending him. its not enough that fox talks about him the whole race,but you come on here and its all about jr!! get this... HE IS NOT HIS DAD!! WILL NEVER BE HIS DAD!! WILL NEVER EVER BE HALF THE DRIVER HIS DAD WAS!! so get over it! the FACT is jr is a average driver in a excellet organization. if he does not win at hendrick,he will be a below average driver. example see( casey mears). hendrick should have swallowed his pride and kept kyle busch, he is the future of nascar.and i dont even like him,but thats a FACT!! ok,let me take the bashing from all the jr nation that cannot see through jr colored glasses!!

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    • most of u guys are wrong. None of u realize how valuable JR really is. At DEI, he counted for 17 of DEI's 23 wins. The other 6 were won by Mike Waltrip (3), Steve Park (2), and Martin Truex Jr (1). Jr is in his 9th full season. He was the first rookie to win the Winston.
      I believe he is going to do some great things for Hendrick. He just needs time.

    • As you said "example see Casey Mears". Your saying Jr isn't good because he is in good equipment and hasn't won. Then you compare him to Casey Mears saying that is an example of a person that is in good equipment and hasn't won so that makes him a below average driver. Casey has won in that equipment. So your "example" isn't holding water.

      Why is it that you come on here and the only thing you talk about is how you think Jr. sucks. Yet all you can say to back that up is he hasn't won a race. So with that thinking you should say 24, 20, 29, 07, 16, and 17 suck. But I don't hear you saying that. And 88 is above all of them in standings. You don't have to win a race to win a championship. There isn't a single person here that has said Jr is better than Sr and I don't know anyone that has ever said that. Jr. will never be better than Sr.

      If you get so pissed of when you come on here because you see so much talk about Jr., then why do you come on here. Don't you have something better to do then immerse yourself in something you hate?

      And Jr. isn't my favorite driver.

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      • I am not the slightest bit pissed off and I say Jr. doesn't win because he flat out doesn't. The way I see fit is that Kyle won that race with heart. And now noone wants to respect a great racer in the making. There isn't a driver out there who hasn't broken a rule in a race and went on to win that same race. As far as the more horsepower issue goes, damn you all are desperate. Don't be hatin on Toyota because they respect what their employees and consumers want, and then give it to them. They make probably three times the profit in a fiscal year than any manufacturer in their class makes. If they got an advantage by paying off Nascar so freeking what, learn the ropes boys, its time to come to the new Millenium.

    • ok ok I'm sorry.......that was wrong.....she is a pretty girl.

      Damn now i feel bad

    • Dude...I was just playing with you, lighten up.

    • You are right. He is not his dad and will never do the things his dad has done,but as a driver he is one of the faces of the sport.

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      • I am gonna laugh my arse off when Kyle wins the championship this year, and Jr. doesn't even make the chase. Jr. is gonna take this Kyle winning at Talladega personal. And I am telling you if he gets anywhere close to Kyle you will all see why Kyle is so great. Damn skippy he crashes and that is why he is so good Jr. couldn't crash a big wheel without crying. He ain't nothing but an overrated piece of horse shit with a bunch of flys around him.

    • STILL cant see how 3rd in points,7 top 10's in 9 races, saving his car after he was clipped from the rear and not causing a HUGE wreck (same for McMurray there) AND coming from 29th to finish 10th in 2 laps is overrated. you haters amaze me. If you hate the guy, so be it, but he's not overrated!

    • No one complained about Toyota having a horsepower advantage with MWR, because they didn't have the TRD-1 engine last year. Toyota bought Brian France off and now they can run the TRD-1 in Cup.

    • I agree hes overrated and im really sick of hearing about him every 10 sec.

    • LOL....you missed the point dipstick. Do you think Kyle Busch got the same attention and focus on winning than Gordon and Johnson got...He was in a developmental ride. For a guy like Busch who has the talent to win, he obviusly became a thorn in the Hendricks camp side with his complaints and generally shitty attitude about not getting the best stuff Hendricks had. Which is why he was "LET GO" he didnt just decide he was leaving.!!! I'm not a Busch fan or a JR hater....just an observor of fact. But JR is highly over rated in the talent department. Not that he has to be the most talented to be the fan favorite. It is what it is.

      And as far as the horsepower for Toyota....I didnt hear anyone crying about Waltrip Reutiman and Jarrett having an unfair advantage last year!!!!

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