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  • Daniel S Daniel S Apr 20, 2008 2:23 AM Flag

    Bring Back Car's Wrecking In NASCAR

    last time I looked nascar is not doing anything to hold these guys back. Back in 81 there was a drastic change in the car and it took about a year and a half to get a good handle on the race car. . After a year and a half the car came around and racing picked up great. Even DW was talking about how the ATL race this year seemed just like the ones back in the early 80s. Fact is, nobody has a good enough handle on the race car to get in eachothers way, they are to busy trying not to wreck themselves. This excites me, this means that wheel men get to step up and handle an ill handling car. This should sound familiar to a Sr. Fan! Also, think about Bristol and the finish there, was there no beating and banging? People beat and bang right where they used to, on the short tracks. If anything, this car allows drivers the technical ability to beat and bang on a mile and a half, something the old car didnt have. Its just that drivers havent put together cars good enough to be able to do it. Maybe history has repeat itself in and there will be a legend in the making. Just Please dont let it be Kyle Busch.

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