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    Bring Back Car's Wrecking In NASCAR

    I love NASCAR, and trust me I love it even more when Tony Stewart gets into the groove of the season and starts to win races. But the one thing that is missing in NASCAR is RACERS WITH SOME BALLS, and love for the sport. I don't care what you say, and some will say it is cold hearted to want to see humans get into car accidents, but those people are the same people that love it when there is a crushing tackle in an NFL game. All's I am sayin is we need a little more excitement in this game, bring in some drivers that want to earn money not have it given to them... hmmm 24, 48 you know of whom I speak. Let's get some excitement back into our sport, the best way is to start having some crazy wrecks, I mean that is if you truly believe that this piece of crap CoT is safer than it is exciting.

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    • wrecked him, damn near killed him

    • I really won't say "wrecking" but how about a little more of some of that good old fashion "leaning on someone" to get around them or just a little bit of "nudgging or rubbing" to pass. It use to be that it didn't make a difference what track you were at. NASCAR has put their heavy hand down on that table and said "NO!" to any or what might seem like "RUFF DRIVING". Let's get back to some of that old school racing that we use to see. If a lap car is blocking the track and the leaders are comeing and they don't move------move them out of the way! Ain't that what bunpers are made for? We learn what racing was for the past. Let's not loose site of that. This just going around in circles for 4-5 hours is getting to be old.

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      • I am not for one second saying "screw the CoT". I am merely saying that if this car is as safe as it is, then let these boys race, we witnessed how tough this car truly is with the Mcdowell accident, first hand. Now all's I am saying is let the good ole fashioned racing that made the #3 famous come back. Just like the previous post said not just necessarily wrecking on purpose but the hard nosed get the hell out of my way, or you are going into the wall attitude that made NASCAR truly awesome. You or nobody can convince me that if NASCAR brought that style back you would be unhappy to see it. And by all rights they should since this car is so safe, but not very entertaining.

    • bring back wrecking in NASCAR? This is the type of ignorant opinions that will keep NASCAR on the fringes of what is considered accepted American sports. What do you want people go out there and wreck eachother on purpose? Go to a demolition derby. And it figures that it would come after seeing two of the most violent wrecks I have ever seen. 1) Gordon at Vegas- his radiator flew 200 feet, where have you ever seen that 2) McDowell at Texas- they say he hit the wall at 100Gs and then barrel rolled 4 times airborn(and many while on the ground). Saying screw the COT is like saying screw Michael McDowell, he doesn't deserve to live. Think before you type.

    • The 24 and 48 getting money handed to them? WTF are you talking about. 6 championships between them. That is earning it. By your post I would guess you only think drivers earn money is if they get into a wreck. In that case you must think Derrick Cope should be paid a lot of money.

    • Go to Martinsville, there is plenty of beating going on in that race. Your guy may not win, but you are going to see some beating.


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