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    For Da Goat

    Hey I owe you this Apology because I took something that should not have been that funny and made it into a joke that kinda hung around way to long. I was reading an article on how the 00 got to the big track and now understand why you put it out there that he will be great. You have a great knowledge for racing and I respect that.

    So since I am trying to right a wrong here,lets everyone else do the same.

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    • Thanks for the compliments Poker, and yeah let's bury the old proverbial hatchet. Have you ever seen "Grumpy Old Men"? Well combine those two and you have me! LOL!! It just seemed every time I logged on, there were posts about the lack of talent Michael McDowell possesses and that "Da Goat" was ignorant for believing in his abilities. I'm not the president of McDowell's fan club, nor do I plan to be. I'm just telling people this kid is another Kyle Busch, Tony Stewart, Jimmie Johnson.. Dammit Man!! I almost went to the shrine there and said Big E!! (Can't make that leap.. then there would be reason to doubt my sanity! LMAO!!) It's all good Bro! I might be wrong, McDowell may be just another Reed Sorenson, Jamie McMurray, or JJ Yeley.. who knows? I don't see that, I was right about Clint Bowyer and Carl Edwards. There is a little known secret about the true handling characteristics of the COT and that of a IMCA dirt modified.. The future greats are not going to be found in F1, IRL, SCCA, Rolex, etc.. Grandpa's pick-up with a slush box for power steering, windows down and dust flyin' with the throttle wide-open on a old country road.. There's the new Cup training ground! LOL!! Pure bred drivers are going to own NASCAR with this present car, mark my words.

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      • Your right about the handling characteristics of the COT. That is why guys like Jimmy and Kyle are getting out of a winning car and complaining how bad there car is working. That is crazy, they just won the race! Think how bad that 40th place car is handling if you think yours is bad. I also don't think that most of the newer drivers worked on there own cars, they are just drivers. The car is bigger and rougher handling and instead of getting up on the wheel and manhandling it through the corners they just want to whine. I wouldn't be suprised if some of the open wheeled guys go back to IRL now that they and CART have kissed and made up.

    • I sure hope not we need more like him to keep this interesting

    • Da Goat has always had great insight and worth reading. Let's just hope that Mickey can give this young lad the crew and equipment that he needs to make it in the big time.


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