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  • Daniel S Daniel S Apr 15, 2008 11:49 AM Flag

    Line up to beat for Talladega!

    Looks just fine to me. The 15 historically is not real good at restrictor plate races. I dont like the 9 either. He runs up front at restrictor plates but seems to find trouble a lot. And nobody is going to run with Almirola, he's a rookie. The COT is changing the Talledega races. Because everyone has an identical aero package, it is all about horsepower, driving ability and teamwork! With that said I like JGR to come out with the advantage, because of their overall driver ability and horsepower advantage. If it was me I would throw a gibbs car in the A group just to see how they look in practice. And keep one of the 24 and 48 because they will probably end up finishing nose to bumper anyways. Remember though its Talledega and anything can happen!

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