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  • Daniel S Daniel S Apr 11, 2008 10:46 PM Flag

    Bowyer just wrecked mcmurray

    It's all about the money, the sponsers that the big names bring let the nationwide team survive. And it is this money that makes it so hard for the lesser teams to compete. You have to have the cup guys, it has always been that way in nationwide, it just has increased recently. There is a certain balance of newbies and cup guys that makes it work money wise.

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    • you're right, and I bet NASCAR has it cyphered down to the last penny too on the combinations of Sprint drivers and Nationwide to make it fly..damn, they're good!

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      • yeah ive heard now its somewhere around 16 this year or something like that. nascar doesn't figure that out, it is just a product of the sport. there are other factors also, drivers think that they can gather information for how a track changes and how their car adjusts. I think things might eventually change for the nationwide. With the COT being so similar to the truck, i think you will have a lot of your development guys get in the truck series to learn. Maybe the old truck guys will come over to nationwide. And i assume cup guys will eventually come to truck also to get better info on their cot cars. This won't happen this year thats for sure because of the sponsorship contracts, but eventually it will until there is a new nationwide car.


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