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  • Daniel S Daniel S Apr 11, 2008 6:09 PM Flag

    TOP 10 Reasons not to like JEFF GORDON

    Okay I got a new one!
    top 10 reasons why gordon fans aren't on here defending there boy:
    10) they are at the tanning salon
    9) They are getting their eyebrows waxed
    8) They are just too tired *sigh*
    7) they are at the barber, I mean stylist
    6) they are making a smoothie
    5) they are getting their teeth whitened
    4) they are checking out their butt in the mirror
    3) they are looking at Carl Edwards pictures trying to decide if he is cute enough to root for
    2)they are on the scanner listening to gordon complain about his car while sporadiccally dry humping the air
    1) They are digging through his trash trying to find that anal bleach cream he through out last night.


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