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  • Daniel S Daniel S Apr 6, 2008 10:08 AM Flag


    This thread is designed to encourage the discussion of the petition to yahoo and the general user input for the well-being of this board.

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    • We been fighting friends for a while. LOL. You now know we can moderate our self. LOL. Seems like yesterday this thread started.

    • Boobie You know we have the power to do what needs to be done. You taught us how to moderate our selves. Think of the problems we eliminated. Its next year we must be prepared for. Every force has an opposing force. I learned through total immersion. Who is to say others don't learn next year. Will our alliances all still be here? In the end as long as we follow the golden rule there is not much that can be done to us. Good bone for the end of the year hear. Bunch of regulars on this one. Let me know if you get a site running I will probably change out concrete nation in the off season. so you can catch me out there sometime.

    • This Crap didn't do anything except Help MoToR get stepped on like a BUG.......I remember when one went around then after that MoToR's image(his fault or not) when down hill out here.....Steady as she goes boss......(just a thought)

    • Last year yahoo would cancel you from posting real fast if the censure police didn't like your post.

    • I'm sorry but, huh?

    • In other words, you want AOL where everything and anything can get you banned.

      As much as I don't care for the foul language or the advertising, I don't want to feel like I'm under AOL's censorship again. That's most of the reason why I left AOL and don't use it now even though it's free.

      If you don't like how the message board is run, feel free not to read it or post on it.

    • These matters. of posting illegal contents, it's easy for yahoo to take care of this problem..
      Just stipulation on my part.
      I'm thinking their the same persons posting.
      Just under new account names..
      I've notice different board name, posting these links.,So Yahoo is maybe being nice,,,But hasn't went to the extreme, blocking their ISP address..
      All computers have their own ISP address. All they need to do is (block ) that ISP address, from future accounts .
      and delect all their other accounts. ( problem solved )...
      The person or persons
      would have to keep changing their internet provider.Constantly
      to obtaine a new account.
      .If they wanted to keep posting illegal contents.

      Because all had to read & agree to yahoo rules and policies.
      Even if u did not read them,and just click ( i agree ) ,no ones fault but yours..
      Again problem would be solved..Because most people only have one ISP address > Even if they have 1-100 computers in their house, or business.
      Just a thought...

    • Greg,
      You aren't getting this at all. I understand yahoo has to advertise, that is not what I am saying. The posts that try to advertise a certain site (like the free betting one that we see twice a day at least) are the ones that need to be dealt with by yahoo. And the impersonation thing was a big thing last year, I haven't even seen it this year. Basically, posters are creating a new ID with the exact same settiings as somebody else that is posting and then posting as if they were that person. Example: I log out and create a new ID with the exact same settings as you Greg, and then I start posting as if I'm you. These types of posts(advertising, impersonation, and obscenity) are all banned by yahoo (look at the terms of service above). I want yahoo to start enforcing these rules and discipline the posters that disobey them.

    • Ok ...
      yes spamming the boards,are not kool/.
      But i see the same people who write to petition against
      all post they don't like.
      You're asking Yahoo to ban some post but not others.

      Off- topic posting is also against thier Policies.
      Waz-up !,where r u?. Basketball...Or any other unrealted posting. That has Nothing to do w/Nascar...
      Is no worse ,spamming .Yahoo Lets all post here ,all post are to be nascar related. not anyone chatting with friends, nor
      bagging on yahoo,I seen many doing this.
      It's thier site, All just have privliage to post here.

      I'm just saying u can not ask Yahoo to ban some post. delete yahoo ID's and not others Remember this board was designed, set up , to talk Nascar

      Again i read here but really don't post.

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      • I understand your point Rod, it is not easy to dictate what can be said and what can't. Other boards have adopted certain rules to follow to avoid confusion. A lot use the "any material that has no positive influence for any poster." Example: "the Rod is stupid thread" while this may not be obscene it still in no way is benificial to anybody. Usually this would not be something that will get deleted or suspended from posting but a thread would be locked from any further negative posting.

    • Kelly, your right. Who said I was a trusted poster that should modulate the board? Because I didn't, I just suggested that is a possible answer to clean up the junk on this board. So what you think this board is perfect the way it is?

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      • I don't understand what you are talking about here Daniel.

        Yahoo needs the pop-ups on the right hand side of the screen to validate this board, without the pop-ups this board could not exist. Yahoo would not nor could not monitor, supply, or keep this board active without the advertisments. That would be like asking nascar to make the teams do away with the corporate logos on their racecars because the fans want to see the paint jobs not a rolling billboard. NOT GONNA HAPPEN!! As far as people who post impersonating someone else.. What?? Are you suggesting Yahoo has incorporated spys? Is there a conspiracy we need to know about? Are you feeling paranoid and need your medication this morning? What? Maybe I'm naive to the infrastructure of Yahoo messaging boards. I just don't understand where you are coming from on this post. Please explain, and don't take it personal, I just don't get it.

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