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  • Poker Poker Apr 4, 2008 7:53 PM Flag

    BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Little E takes the pole at Texas. Eat that all you Jr haters, just a matter of when not if and you all have to switch to making fun of Mike. Go Jr way to take the pole.

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      DUMB ASS. v
      I FARTED

    • Tom, let's see if we can have an intelligent conversation about this. I'll put comedy aside. You and I don't have to agree on this. You may even be surprised that I am a bit more literate than your current opinion reflects. Help me if you choose, to understand this distain so many people have toward Dale Jr.. As baffled as you are about the infatuation with Dale Jr, I , along with many, are as baffled with the ill opinion so many have of this accomplished driver. For the time Dale Jr. has invested to date, I don't see his stats as that of a mediocre driver. But that is (my opinion). Are there drivers that have been in NASCAR for years beyond that of Dale Jr., who have NOT come close to Dale Jr's stats to date?? So Tom, I have a problem with people making the statement over & over that zero in on " He won't be HALF the driver his dad was". Well I have to believe that no one on the face of this earth knows that better than Dale Jr., himself. Is this the only factor that ignites the distain for Dale Jr.?,,,, And now so as not to disappoint you in your opinion of me, being the stereotype--- rednik- trailer trashin--moonshine swigging--toofless--illite-er-rite--turd grayed- edchamakated--tabakka spitin--stayned bibbed overhalled--fillfy NISKAR Tea shert wearing--s'mack talken--fall moolfed--barfoot--dum--sumbick....it's back to being the me you have pegged so well. But, tarnation man, as tough as it is..someone has to do it....GIT--ER--DONE..... And Tom, you know I jes caint hep passin this along....KNOCK--KNOCK.??.....WHOSE THERE??....WILMA!!....WILMA WHO??....WILMA MY FINGER DO UNTIL I GET MY PANTS DOWN?? Now that's funny right there, I don't care who you are!! All joking aside Tom, can you shed some light on the ill opinion of Dale Jr. ? C'mon back Tom...Thanks for your insight, and do you really mean it about all that funny business?? Waiting to hear back....xoxoxoxo

    • IHey Chuckeeee ... I check in every now and then. And you are pretty funny. You should audition for a gig with Larry, Bill, Tater and Jeff. You've lived up (down) to the reputation NASCAR fans have, as viewed by most of the country ... you're about as illiterate as they come. You may be able to read and write, but you can't comprehend what is written. I never said Jr was to be as great or greater than his dad. I said he wasn't HALF the driver his dad was, which puts JR in the mediocre category. He's driving off his daddy's name/fame. As for the poster who said why don't we talk the same about K. Petty? It's becasue he doesn't have the undying love of tens of thousands of followers as Jr. seems to have. For the life of me, I don't understand the infatuation y'all have with Jr. He needs to put the 'earn' in Earnhardt. Maybe its sympathy becasue he lost his dad, maybe you just like his looks and wish you could choke his chicken. But unitl he starts performing at a consistently high level, I don't believe he deserves the following he has. Let me know when you're done abusing your sister .. I'm due for an oil change.

    • go jr i hope he does good in the race i hope he wins it

    • Little E, Little E, Little spin, Little luck, i only see the numbers 43, 42,43, something like that. The A- train will role.

    • JR is sitting on the pole just like SANCHEZ does!!!!

    • RELAX, man- Junior won a POLE !!! When (and if), he ever wins another race, then talk some smack !!! Until then, take a valium !

    • Hey Chuck! Keep it coming, he deserves it. Seriously... What an idiot! LOL :)

    • Yeah I could see how he gets more attention but really parts are parts testing is testing, these guys have been with Gordon and Johnson for what 7 years at the least? There is only so much more attention you can get then back to back championships with Johnson and 4 times with Gordon.

      It comes down to driver and crew chief

      I will be first to say Knaus is the best crew chief and that Eury isn't the best crew chief, but JR is leading Hendrick, something gives

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