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  • FLYERS87 FLYERS87 Apr 1, 2008 9:31 AM Flag

    88 sucks?

    Yes, Jr is the best on team Hendrick, but its a little early too say he will be the best on the team..he has not won in two years...and don't plan on him winning this season, just becuz he's on a dominate team doesn't prove anything example Casey Mears...he sucks and if it wasn't for his last name and his daddy he'd be a nobody...if Jr wasn't the son of #3 he'd be just like Steven Wallace (Rusty's son) So stop getting all defensive becuz your guy can not win a race #88 fans are pathetic..why don't you all jump off his wagon and hop a drive who can actually get 3-4 wins in a season

    (Carol Edwards this years has more wins then Jr has in 2 years)

    I predict a top a win from these drivers b4 JR:
    - Khane
    - Montoya
    - Truex
    - McCmurray
    - Petty (HaHa)

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    • WOW.
      I did nothing near this. I must look like and Angel. (with cookies)

      Good Luck Helmet Boy.

    • dueche bag he was trying too hold every1 back so jr could win...shut you stupid mouth you idiot like my joke?

      what does Jr and Dale senior have in common?

      both there careers are DEAD!

    • Did you ride the little bus to go with that helmet? Jr did not get the world handed to him like Kyle Petty. Look at Jr's Half brother Kerry he never did anything in a race car,but he was in one racing. So why is he not as popular as JR? Oh yeah thats right He has not done a thing in a race car Jr has won Races in both Busch and Sprint cup series. Yes some of his fame is built from his famous father,but only some the rest he built on the track winning races. Last week at Martinsville he led 146 laps. So I don't think that the Jr bashing is the way to go. Why just because he hasn't won a race in awhile?

    • Carol Edwards......my sentiments exactly! I hate that guy

    • Oh and "Chevy" b4 reading comments prior too yours on my spelling and w/e and then feeling obligated too add your own insults of your own on the same topic...Just proves your lame and obviously proving the point on how pathetic Jr. fans are....

    • ok first off jr did just become some race driver cauz of his last name... cauz obviously you fail to remember his dominace of the busch series in 1998 and 1999.. and im sure they didnt just let him win cauz his last name was earnhardt.. And im sure you guys will see that number 88 in victory lane 2 times this season and finish top 5 in points

    • Ok Moron leave Lexus alone. She knows more about what is going on in NASCAR than most people that post on this board.

      I don't deny that JR was helped because of his Dad. But that doesn't mean he isn't a good driver. Drivers talent doesn't skip generations.

      And lets look at Casey Mears since you want to bring him up. He won a race last year. He has had some bad luck this year. Remember the issue with the water leaking out on the track at California?

      You say you are enrolled in Penn State which is an attempt to make yourself sound smart. Let's look at one of your sentences from one of your posts.

      "hmm sadly I was just making a point I actually root from Stewart, you no a two time cup champ. With out a doubt one of the best all around drivers in the NASCAR"

      "hmm"? Where's the capital letter on the beginning of that sentance?

      "root from"? You mean root for?

      "you no a two time"? That should be know not no.

      "With out" is actually one word.

      That's just one damn sentence Mr. Penn State. Before you start crying that all we can find wrong with you is your typing, be aware your ability to communicate is a sign of intelligence or lack there of. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about because you are saying Jr isn't a good driver when he is sitting in 4th and at the same time saying Tony is great while he sits in 6th place.

      You don't have to win a race to be a cup champion. It's been done before.

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      • OK dumb ass -

        1st obviously I do not type too impress the viewers of this bulletin.

        it's how many races into the season? (6 going on 7) he's in 4th FOR NOW..

        as far as Mears goes, one victory does not make him good, he's averaging a 26th place finish thats not good...

        Stewart is in 6th in points and averaging a 12th place finish, but do not forget he had a wreck or two when he was running in the top 5.

        and as far as you correcting my English...
        you wrote...

        hmm"? Where's the capital letter on the beginning of that sentance?

        "root from"? You mean root for?

        "you no a two time"? That should be know not no.
        I was just wondering whats up with the question marks out side of the quotations?

        Ok Moron leave Lexus alone. - forgot the camma after "moron"

        "I don't deny that JR was helped because of his Dad. But that doesn't mean he isn't a...." also you do not start a sentence with "But" or "And" witch you did twice

        And yes I am enrolled in Penn State, not the main campus tho so I was not trying too sound "smart she was just asking if I had a college education...

        so move on....

    • Tell motor too bring it on...Well looks like I got better things too do..feel free too leave all the hate mail your little heart desires...I shall check in at 12 PM eastern time too respond.

    • I am sure you haven't laughed since everything that has been posted has not been very kind toward you. But don't cry I am sure MoToR will bake you some cookies when he logs on.

    • Lex luger - you say your funny, I've yet too laugh...so bust out the funnies...your boring me.

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