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  • Poker Poker Mar 28, 2008 9:08 PM Flag

    Open Wheel Guys

    With the exception of Tony Stewart I think the open wheel guys sould go back to open wheel. I do not see them in the top 10 or 15 most races and it looks like there are getting out driven by the big boys. If they are as good as they proclaim to be they sould go back and try to save there sport before it goes belly up like the USFL or the WHL twice and one of the best yet World league. Also I would hope we do not see Dasnica Patrick in NASCAR. The reason I say this is because she has yet to show wins in open whell and we already have to many open wheel guys trying to fit in to the cup series. Like a buddy and I talked about how many guys in ARCHA and NationWide are getting over looked because guys that showed well in an oppisite driving series are taking big rides and doing nothing with them? So I would hope some big team owners would see the trend of low finishes and look elsewhere to find guys racing well in stockcars.

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