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  • Da Goat® Da Goat® Mar 28, 2008 8:11 AM Flag

    Expert analyst on Yahoo..??

    Ok, I didn't want to start a new topic on this dead horse subject, however..
    Bob Margolis, Jerry Bonkowski, and the crew have riled my ire!!

    Read Bob Margolis' article entitled "Groomed For Stardom", or Jerry Bonkowski's "Trading Paint",.. Read anything these "experts" have written and you will get the idea.

    These guys are "expert analyst" correct? Then why is it everytime we at Yahoo NASCAR fantasy racing open our message board, there is another blatant assault on our intelligence? Why have these "posers" come from SCCA, NHRA, IRL and F1 reporting, to our beloved NASCAR? They have no idea what the hell is even going on in stockcar racing! They think F1 and the IRL have the "world's best drivers", yet every talent implant from these two divisions of motorsports fall short in Cup competition. Take a good look at the points standings, Jaun Pablo.. 19th, Sam Hornish Jr... 35th,Dario Franchitti..38th,and the rest of the crossover, wannabees are not even in the top 43!! "World's best"?!? I think not! Bob thinks if the driver/idea came from "across the pond" it is the greatest acquisition since sliced bread! And Jerry.. Let's not forget his buddy Jerry!! NOS Jerry???.. REALLY?!? Read a book.. hell, read a magazine!! Do something for research.. $hit! Reading their columns will either sicken or miss inform you, that's all you will get from these two. Jay Hart seems to have NASCAR knowledge, I haven't read anything ignorant from his keyboard.. yet! (Please Jay, don't let me down.) Ricky Craven.. now there is a NASCAR expert analyst!! Past driver, knows his way around a car that sits more than two feet off the ground, and I'll bet he even knows why you wouldn't want to inject nitrous oxide into a Cup motor! Ricky understands why NASCAR doesn't need another road course.. BECAUSE IT'S NASCAR!!! If you want to be bored out of your freakin' mind watch some golf! Is there no tennis on today?!? Hell I would wager the Discovery channel will re-air the "Mud Turtles of Sanzaba" and their mating ritual episode if you ask politely! Of course the kiddies will have to go to bed before we have that kind of smut on the telly now won't they? Give it a rest guys, the world is not a stage.. not in stockcar racing anyway.

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