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  • Curse Curse Mar 26, 2008 6:06 PM Flag


    I see Motor thinking he STOPPED me. I see others talk crap.
    I see some big boys with small thingys. Whats is your F'in problems girls?
    I say sorry and would be more than happy to LEAVE IT ALONE.
    But are you.
    Why is this? Only certain people with half a brain would think, "Hey this guy knows his wrong doing." and admits it!
    Why would I continue to sit and watch this happen.
    You are back stabbers.
    The people this applies to know who you are. The rest I am sorry you need to read this.
    IF I was to learn from my ERRORS than you should learn to, as MR. Chuck put it, "Close the door".

    I can stir as you do.
    Are you bored?
    I seem to have been your entertainment long enough.

    You want to get control of this board you say!
    Move on your or WE yes WE will continue this.
    I am not going anywhere till Nascar is over, then WILL be back next year.

    I would like this to be thought of as "Practice What You Preached"
    Lets see....... Maybe you owe me the "sorry" for not "LEAVING IT ALONE"


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