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  • Da Goat® Da Goat® Mar 26, 2008 4:45 PM Flag

    Trading Paint.. Jerry, Jerry, Jerry..

    Mr. Bonkowski once again proves another of Yahoo's "expert analyst" is ignorant to the basic principles of NASCAR racing. In this column he begins to entertain a race between Kyle Petty (in his Cup car) vs. Chad Johnson (on foot). He claims NASCAR has a secret weapon (NOS) in which Kyle Petty would possess abilities liken to Jimmie Johnson.

    Two questions here Jerry..

    (1) Why would an "expert analyst" even entertain a topic such as this?

    (2) Do you have any idea what would happen inside the combustion chamber of a Cup engine if nitrous oxide were to be introduced into it under fire with the compression ratio's NASCAR allows? (HINT) Do not stand close to this experiment.. on second thought, get up close and personal!!

    Research Jerry, research.. Try it some time, you may not look like such an idiot.

    By the way Jerry.. analysis, is a word that has more complexity than just the four letters it begins with..

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