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  • WacoWarrior WacoWarrior Mar 27, 2008 12:02 PM Flag

    Toyota Cheating ??? again???...from jayskis...

    UPDATE 2: Toyota officials on Wednesday identified the Roush Fenway Racing part that owner Jack Roush said was found in a Toyota team's [supposedly MWR] possession during a Sprint Cup post-race teardown as a spring. Jim Aust, the president and chief executive officer of Toyota Racing Development, said once the part was found to belong to RFR that it was returned. He was uncertain how the part, discovered on a table with other Toyota parts, got there or from which team it came. "I don't understand the whole procedure when a teardown happens," said Aust, referring to a post-race process in which several cars are broken down by NASCAR inspectors. "The only thing I know is it wound up with parts we had and [which were] returned to Roush. "It's unfortunate it happened the way it did. It wasn't anything intentional. There's no reason to be done intentional. I have no idea how it happened to begin with." Roush Fenway president Geoff Smith said the part in question was not a spring, but he would not elaborate. No one at RFR has identified which Toyota team had the part. "Jack is the only one to talk to at this time and he presently doesn't want to make any additional comments," Smith said.(ESPN.com)(3-26-2008) Comment here

    • When this story finally comes to a head, it will probably be no more than close quarters/confined space in the garage. Garage stalls are allocated by points standings.. Imagine if you will the scene in Bristol, (32nd in pts.) Dale Jarrett's #44 (MWR) in the garage space next to (31st in pts.) Jamie McMurray's #26 (RFR), a spring mount rubber from under the #26 rolls into the #44's designated garage area and is not retrieved due to haste, needing to Jamie back on the track before practice ends. A crew member from the #44 stumbles along 10 or 15 minutes later and picks up the spring mount rubber and places it in the storage bin without looking at the stamp. The #44 replaces all rubber mounts prior to the race.. Without visually checking each and every piece or part, even the pieces of the parts. Everyone in the garage knows a mistake of this nature is possible. Dale and Jamie's crews have alot more to worry about than the number classifications on spring mount rubbers!! This is why NASCAR probably said "OH.. PLEASE!!" to the "Cat".. Therefore begins another raging fit thrown by the Ford contingant. "See.. SEE!! I'm not the only one cheating!" exclaims a wild eyed Jack. "Grab a bottle of shut the hell up and by the way.. we have nipples for them right over there if you prefer one Jacky!" says NASCAR. LMAO!!


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