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  • Curse Curse Mar 21, 2008 9:55 AM Flag

    Calling out (curse)

    hmmmmmmm I still watching and waiting for others to preform such as I. But like I wrote "still waiting and watching"

    All of you can help. It is your board too. I started the wave, WHOM shall keep it going!

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    • And so the one who summoned for ..curse.. to appear, was now also being summoned. The one calling himself.. Mr. Chuck..was surprised to discover, the one who is known unto us as ..curse,..has revealed an image as, Our Shepherd. Watching, waiting,..wondering..WHOM shall lead the path out of Billboard Valley. For it was ( HE ) and ( HE ) alone that has gone forth to preform.. what?.. What is this GREAT accomplishment that ( You ) and ( You ) alone have managed to achieve. You know, the ( one ) your patting youself on the back for. I apologize for misleading you to think I was asking for your help. Had I caught my ( mistake ) in the things I listed that were missing.. it ( would ) have read and ( should ) have read..the only thing missing is the plastic banner flags, the hot dog stand and YOU... standing on your SOAP BOX...I HATE when I screw up like that!!!! So, will (Mr. Chuck ) hide in the shadows of Billboard Valley? Hell No... TAKE A LOOK at the guy selling hot dogs..YEP that's me alright .. Who wants a Johnsonville??.. Who wants an Oscar Meyer??..Peanuts here..Popcorn here..Free beer.. hell, it's ( All free ) here in Billboard Valley. That's right Ladies-n-Gentlemen..It's All free, you don't spend a ( dime ) of ( your ) own money...HURRY-HURRY- HURRY- read all about it, RIGHT HERE on THE NASCAR message Board. WE got openings for Baseball, WE got openings for Golf. Ladies-n-Getlemen WE have OPENINGS. WE even have some openings for NASCAR. But don't believe what you here Folks log in and see for yourself. So ..curse..where is this accomplishment you achieved?????? Dear Shepherd; give me the strenghth oh wise and GREAT ONE. Mr.Chuck has left the planet. That way I have a better view to Watch. Wait.....w o n d e r.. hmmmmmmmmmmmm...Damn I'm ROTFL and LMAO



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