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  • Tony Tony Mar 20, 2008 11:59 AM Flag

    3 is back in camping world east

    i just saw on nascar.com that chilldress's grandson austion dillon is going to drive the 3 in the nascar camping world east ( busch east)

    it will be the first time science 2003 when jr drove the 3 for one race in the busch that the 3 will be in nascar compatiton

    i personally think it is a good idea, i trufully belive dale would be turning in his grave if he knew that car wasnt on the track, just wish some one was in it that has already provin them selvs and some one that they know will get the job done rite

    whats yall opinions????

    go and read the article on nascar.com, then tell me what yall think

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    • The number 3 not on the track is like number 43 if it wasn't on the track. That number and Driver helped to build a sport that was written off to flannel wearing beer drinking tabacco chewing rednecks. I can remember when open wheel was where it was at. Dale changed alot of that with the way he drove and saved a sport going down like a fat guy on a buffet

    • I wasn't a big Sr fan when he was alive but I have a great respect for his driving and what he did for NASCAR.

      However I don't think the number should be retired. One reason of many is because if NASCAR retired the number of every great driver, we wouldn't have any 2 digit numbers left.

      But more importantly it's not about the numbers. SR wasn't one of the greatest drivers ever because of the number on the side of the car, the font of the number or the color of the car. He was one of the greatest ever because he was Dale Earnhardt Sr. It's about the man not the machine.

      Dale wasn't the type of driver that would want his number, font or color retired. I can hear him saying "Just run the damn thing and win".

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      • I have wrestled with this one time and again, however I've never looked at it through Dale's eyes.. I believe you are right chevylover54, Dale would say "Run the damn thing!!"

        One last thing here.. chevylover.. not an GM Goodwrench #3 Dale Earnhardt Sr. fan?? Does that put you in that other Chevy camp from the day? KFC and Budweiser.. SAY IT AINT SO!! LOL!! Junior Johnson was cool, I don't know about his DRIVER back then!

    • What do you mean not a nice thing to say? I have the upmost(?) respect for Dale Sr.
      What are we supposed to do? nobody drive a chevy cause thats what he drove? cant have a black car cause thats what color his was? can't use anything with goodwrench on it cause it was his sponsor? can't grow a mustache cause he had one?
      Until Nascar inplements a retired #'s system, anybody should be able to use that number. It's not because I have no 'respect'

    • i feel the 3 should only be driven by dale jr. And if he dont drive it then leave it at dei.That was dale sr car and thats the way it will be.

    • i dont like it. I wish hed atleast use a different font or something. Maybe it out of honor, but I really dont like the idea at the moment. i mean that series might be okay but if he wants it in busch and cup id be real upset. Idk I mean if dale jr wants to drive it one day, then theres a good way to take it back into the sport (maybe) but this grandson of childress...I just dont think id want to see it enter the sport like that at all

    • Fan of Sr. as well, and 'since' Nascar hasn't adopted retiring numbers like other sports do, there is no reason for the no. 3 not to be used. and like bakersfield said, as long as they don't use the black/white combo with the no. 3, or the same font type, it's fine by me.

      Did Jr ever think about taking over the no. 3? It would have been a nice tribute. But on the other hand, it could be bad karma i guess.

    • I'm a long time dale sr. fan ,and i just don't know ,it would be hard to see that car on the track again ,but i would suggest this if they do ,then change the color .no more black car with the white 3.. any color but those two ..but thats my opinion ..


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