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  • ToddA ToddA Mar 20, 2008 12:09 PM Flag

    Another opinion - Start blastin'

    I will address 2 of your points.

    First number 3, night races. I do love night races. This year I will be going to my first night race at Chicago. But there is an issue with the number of night races, and that is the night they are run. Saturday night. What happens on Saturday nights? Every local short track in the country is running. I used to race at our local NASCAR short track, Rockford Speedway in Rockford IL. When there are Saturday night Cup races the attendance is down. You want to preserve NASCAR as do I. But you have to remember not to hurt local Saturday night local short track racing. That's where everyone starts out.

    Point 5. Amen!!! I love the opening prayer, Star Spangled Banner and the flyovers. Especially the flyovers at Michigan.

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    • The night races would not need to occur on Saturdays. How about 6 or 7 pm start time on Sundays. We can all still make it to work the next day, take the day off, call in sick, call in hungover, or simply call in ugly.

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      • Take a deep breath, MoToR. Your passion for the sport is wonderful and alot of you have some serious points. I don't want to rain on your parade. Please listen, you don't have to agree. In the days when it was cool to do do your own thing and find that edge to beat the other guy, I couldn't agee more that it was better racing, more exciting and the drivers and teams were not bogged down with all these bulls--t rules it has come to. But what brought it to this ?? MONEY and the lack of MONEY. In an effort with NASCAR trying to level the playing field, it all went wrong, and they been chasing their ass ever since, in YET another effort to rectify some bad decisions.What's the definitive answer ?? Well, every one of us has a possible solution. Still, what's the answer?? It (aint) Road America. And NASCAR has already been to Japan & Mexico. Are they going to row,row,row the boat to Europe?? And after that, some of you guessed already, NASCAR'S 1to1 scale SLOT CAR RACING !!!!

    • What kind of car did you race? late model, open wheel modifieds, hobbystock ect...for one brief season, I raced in a division called Enduro Series at Raceway Park, Shakopee, Mn. What a blast ! Take a rear wheel drive full size (factory stock) passenger car, and you could be a race car driver.Of course the car had to have slight modifications for safety reasons, but not much. Enter 120 cars on a paved 1/4 mi. track. Now go racing for, (depending on the event), 150 - 200 laps. 1996 was a race season of fun. Alot of Monte Carlo bodies were destroyed by the dozens for a number of seasons as were the tried and true Chev. Impalas. Just like the '55 -'57 chev. of the 60's -70's race car choice. Chevrolet rules !!! But us Chev-lovers already (knew) that.


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