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  • Tony Tony Mar 20, 2008 9:26 AM Flag

    Another opinion - Start blastin'

    i feel that same exact way im what yall may call a " new genaration fan"

    but i would rather them race on the short tracks the these new road things

    i care more about the history of nascar and perserving the history then i do moving fowared, way i see it its gonna be a sad day when they bring like BMW and cars like that in, then next thing ya know were gonna be in germany, and ittaly and all them other places

    way i see it soon its conna be iascar
    ( inertnation assositaon of stock car auto racing)

    not sure why they call it stock car anymore though, they dont look like stock cars at all, they look like these new streat tuner things

    thats my story, and im stickin to it

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    • Racing on road courses isn't new.

      In the modern era (NASCAR since 1975) There have been 3 road courses.

      75-80 They raced Riverside twice a year.
      81 They raced Riverside 3 times.
      82-85 They raced Riverside twice a year.
      86-87 They raced Riverside twice and Watkins Glen 1 time.
      88 They raced Riverside once and Watkins Glen once.
      89-Present Watkins Glen once and Sears Point once.

      Road racing has been around NASCAR for a long time. Remember the race that started it all was ran on the Daytona Beach Road Course.

      I'm in the minority here. I would like to see one more road race every year. Road America is a great track. I would much rather watch a race on a road course than a race at Pocono.

    • Hey Justin Time & tony; you two sound like you would have fit right in (with) The Back In The Day crowd. And, Justin Time...POINT # 5.... I'm on that Band Wagon with you. and I'M not shy to stand up and say... GOD BLESS US ALL AND GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!!!!!


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