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  • Justin Time Justin Time Mar 20, 2008 8:58 AM Flag

    Another opinion - Start blastin'

    Here is what NASCAR needs to do (just my opinion):

    1.Concentrate more effort on sustainability rather than growth. For example, if they attract new fans and grow the sport and profits, that is great for right now, however, if us core supporters feel like we are being replaced and not catered to, then we do not take our children to races, or even watch them on TV with our kids. I have two boys which I plan to get involved in watching races on TV as well as at the track, but if I feel like I am loosing interest in NASCAR because of whom they cater their sport to, then forget it. My kids do not get exposed to NASCAR because I choose to abandon it. For long term sustainability of the sport, that is bad.

    2.No more road courses. More short tracks like Richmond and Bristol. I have been to many NASCAR races, and no doubt the best racing and views are at the short tracks. Please please please less 1.5 mile tracks.

    3.More night races. A large majority of the NASCAR experience is tailgating at the tracks and meeting many people. When a race is at 1 or 2 PM, that limits tailgating due to setup and teardown time of a kick a$$ tailgate.

    4.Change the chase to the following format: Any driver that fulfills two of these three requirements is in: 10 top tens, 5 top fives, 1 or more wins. If any two of those conditions are met then they are in, however, the points position still determines who has the most points at the start of the chase, not bonus points for wins. Imagine the last race before the chase, a driver has 9 top tens 5 top fives and no wins…he needs a top ten or a win to make the chase…other drivers who are already in the chase due to their top tens, top fives and/or win(s), will be trying to make sure that guy does not finish in the top ten because they don’t want another driver in the chase that could possibly beat them for the championship. This also means that more drivers would be alive to make the chase during the last race before the chase starts. Many could have 10 top tens or 5 top fives and simply need the win to get in, some may have 10 top tens and 4 top fives and need a top five to get in.

    5.Never get rid of the opening prayer, star spangled banner, and military jets…ever!

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    • Da Goat I like your post,and yes it is true that if you talk it spreads,but That if you agree with the person and what they are unhappy with. I can see some die hard fans not likeing some of the changes,but to cry a rant that hard I don't think he was hiting the right crowd.

    • It sounds as you have already givin up on the sport and why? Because YOU THINK YOU ARE NASCARS NUMBER 1 FAN AND THAT YOU SHOULD MAKE ALL THE CHOICES THAT CONCERN US AS A FAN BASE. Well buddy wake up and smell your designer coffee and scones because this sport is growning at a rate NASCAR did not even think was possible. Some of the drivers are more popular than other sport type celbs and get better endorsment deals and because of things like that they have grown out of control. So wisenhimer shut up and sit down OHH and enjoy the ride NASCAR is comeing on strong and I am sure if you walk away they are not going to miss your tear drop effort for them to call and ask you at what you may think.

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      • Just something for Poker Ace and NASCAR to ponder before they write off the power of one persons opinion.. If you pi$$ one person off, how many people have you actually upset? That person tells 5 friends of the ordeal.. they each tell 5 other freinds, so and so on. How many people are actually pi$$ed at the end of the day? A week? One month? At the stadium the wave begins with one exuberant fan...

    • Tony is a cut-up for sure, but I don't see him in a chikin' suit anytime soon. I was passing through Kansas City not to long ago and saw a six foot tall meatball sandwich with arms and legs.. That would be a bear to drive in! LMAO!!

    • if you have not figured it out yet toadays nascar is ONLY about the money and sponsers. it will not be the way it used to be, too

    • I will address 2 of your points.

      First number 3, night races. I do love night races. This year I will be going to my first night race at Chicago. But there is an issue with the number of night races, and that is the night they are run. Saturday night. What happens on Saturday nights? Every local short track in the country is running. I used to race at our local NASCAR short track, Rockford Speedway in Rockford IL. When there are Saturday night Cup races the attendance is down. You want to preserve NASCAR as do I. But you have to remember not to hurt local Saturday night local short track racing. That's where everyone starts out.

      Point 5. Amen!!! I love the opening prayer, Star Spangled Banner and the flyovers. Especially the flyovers at Michigan.

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      • The night races would not need to occur on Saturdays. How about 6 or 7 pm start time on Sundays. We can all still make it to work the next day, take the day off, call in sick, call in hungover, or simply call in ugly.

      • What kind of car did you race? late model, open wheel modifieds, hobbystock ect...for one brief season, I raced in a division called Enduro Series at Raceway Park, Shakopee, Mn. What a blast ! Take a rear wheel drive full size (factory stock) passenger car, and you could be a race car driver.Of course the car had to have slight modifications for safety reasons, but not much. Enter 120 cars on a paved 1/4 mi. track. Now go racing for, (depending on the event), 150 - 200 laps. 1996 was a race season of fun. Alot of Monte Carlo bodies were destroyed by the dozens for a number of seasons as were the tried and true Chev. Impalas. Just like the '55 -'57 chev. of the 60's -70's race car choice. Chevrolet rules !!! But us Chev-lovers already (knew) that.

    • i feel that same exact way im what yall may call a " new genaration fan"

      but i would rather them race on the short tracks the these new road things

      i care more about the history of nascar and perserving the history then i do moving fowared, way i see it its gonna be a sad day when they bring like BMW and cars like that in, then next thing ya know were gonna be in germany, and ittaly and all them other places

      way i see it soon its conna be iascar
      ( inertnation assositaon of stock car auto racing)

      not sure why they call it stock car anymore though, they dont look like stock cars at all, they look like these new streat tuner things

      thats my story, and im stickin to it

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      • Racing on road courses isn't new.

        In the modern era (NASCAR since 1975) There have been 3 road courses.

        75-80 They raced Riverside twice a year.
        81 They raced Riverside 3 times.
        82-85 They raced Riverside twice a year.
        86-87 They raced Riverside twice and Watkins Glen 1 time.
        88 They raced Riverside once and Watkins Glen once.
        89-Present Watkins Glen once and Sears Point once.

        Road racing has been around NASCAR for a long time. Remember the race that started it all was ran on the Daytona Beach Road Course.

        I'm in the minority here. I would like to see one more road race every year. Road America is a great track. I would much rather watch a race on a road course than a race at Pocono.

      • Hey Justin Time & tony; you two sound like you would have fit right in (with) The Back In The Day crowd. And, Justin Time...POINT # 5.... I'm on that Band Wagon with you. and I'M not shy to stand up and say... GOD BLESS US ALL AND GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!!!!!


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