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  • Da Goat® Da Goat® Mar 19, 2008 12:56 PM Flag

    I don't want to get off on a rant here..

    But, what is the fasination of wanting the open wheel drivers to enter NASCAR? Has anyone paid any attention to what Dario Franchitti, Sam Hornish Jr., hell even Casey Mears has done with top 20 teams? Sam Hornish Jr. is 4 points from taking a top 10 team to a go or go home ride in just five races. Dario has to qualify on time now, Casey is knocking on the door at 33rd place in the standings.. Driving for Rick Hendrick no less! For God's sake Juan Pablo (the next coming of Earnhardt.. YEAH RIGHT!!!) hovers around 20th place constantly. Now almost everyone talks of wanting more road courses, there is a series that will give you all the road racing you can stomach, keep it out of our NASCAR please.. Buy some batteries for your remote and change the channel if that's what you like!! Owners like Chip Ganassi destroyed CART, now they have their sights set on NASCAR.. Holy Schnike's!! I say rip their fenders off and make 'em feel at home!

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    • I agree DaGoat. I was just looking at the IROC stats. That should have told these open wheel guys they can't compete on ovals, in stock cars. In 29 years if IROC, the NASCAR drivers dominated the series. 21 of 29 titles were won by NASCAR drivers.

      Those open-wheel guys need to stay in open wheel. We don't need to add road courses to make them happier. Then can go back to CART if they want that kind of racing.

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      • I'm glad to see so many people share my opinion on this matter. I recall "Back in the day" when Steve "the King" Kinser attempted to join the cup ranks, that failure should have told open wheelers something. Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, even Bill Elliott came from open wheel sprints and midgets, and they enjoy success in cup racing, I believe this was a product of enviroment. They came from dirt series racing that coinsided with stock cars, ie. Late model stocks and modifieds sharing dates on local short tracks day in and day out. This enviroment led to understanding heavier cars on slick tracks, not a vehicle that had a two to one weight/horsepower ratio like a winged Outlaw sprint. Don't get me wrong I love to watch the WoO's, that my freind is the $HIT!! It's not however stock car racing. My point being; F1 and IRL drivers have gone from "driving a car that weighs half as much with tires twice as wide, to driving a car that weighs twice as much with tires half as wide.." Thanks Harry Hyde (Days of Thunder), that sounds so cool!! So figure it out cup owners.. They may be the best at what they do, but Cup racing (Winston, Nextel, Sprint.. whoever the hell the France's sell the name to next time) just isn't it!!

    • Hey Kevin, Riverside is the track that claimed the life of popular NASCAR driver Little Joe Weatherly in(1964). He won back to back championships, ('62 &'63). It was speculated he would have won three in a row, making him the first NASCAR driver to do so. However, his fate was sealed in the opening race of the ('64) season. To show how quickly NASCAR acted in the wake of a tragic death then, compared to action taken now, is a perfect example of how far NASCAR has come. Weatherly died from head injuries because his head and upper body were not restrained . In ('64) shoulder harness restraint was not mandated. It was not mandated until ('65) can you believe it? A whole season had passed. It took from 1964 - 1971 before a window net was invented and mandated. Now, look at what happened after the fatal accident with Dale Earnhardt. Even more recent is Jeff Gordon's accident. Can you see NASCAR waiting a whole season to do something about that opening in the wall? Things are different today. I'ts not your father's NASCAR. As for the racing...It isn't Road America ...YET. So I'm going to accept what it is.

    • Meh, personally I'd trade one or two of the 1.5-mile cookie-cutters for another run on a road course, just to mix things up. and yeah, some of the recent converts from open-wheel haven't been that great, but let's not forget tony stewart came from open-wheel racing - and it's still too soon to count juan pablo out. He was the rookie of the year last year and i wouldn't be stunned if he wins on an oval this year.

    • LOOKOUT Canada here we come

    • YOU GO BUD !!!!

    • Nascar wanted them for the international fan base,european fans!

    • I think it was Tony George and his mommy that ruined CART. Chip Ganassi sent Jamie McMurray a go or go homer packing and that looks like a good payoff for Chip! I don't care much for road courses either. And JP could never even be a pimple on #3's ass!!


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