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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 17, 2008 2:17 PM Flag


    Da Goat - It's your math thats a little off. You would not multiply 74,777 by 22 because it is equal to 22%. You would need to devide 100 by 22 then multiply that by 74,777 for a total of 339,891

    There is another way to figure it too. Here are my numbers as an example. I am currently 73,387 and at 78th % that means that 73,387 is equal to 22% (100% minus 78%) of the total players. To find the total devide 100 by 22 (equals 4.5454) then multiply that by 73,387 for a total of 333,573 players. Of course that is only an approximate total because each % is equal to about 3,300 players and there is no way to know exactly where in that number I am to calculate the accurate total. Hopefully this is not too confusing.....

    So what time is the math lesson after the spelling bee? LOL :)

    Oh, and obviously you care or you wouldn't have asked. :)

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