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  • Da Goat® Da Goat® Mar 17, 2008 12:32 PM Flag


    Hell yes I'll be there!
    The math still doesn't seem to work.. So what gives?!?

    I lost 74,777 positions after Bristol (Oohhh the shame.. BIG GRIN!!), multiplied by my 22% loss in ranking works out to 1,645,094...

    On the other hand logically thinking,1.6 million yahoo players in one league is 1.1 million too many to keep a league properly organized...

    Who knows, better yet who cares?!? LOL!!

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    • Da Goat - It's your math thats a little off. You would not multiply 74,777 by 22 because it is equal to 22%. You would need to devide 100 by 22 then multiply that by 74,777 for a total of 339,891

      There is another way to figure it too. Here are my numbers as an example. I am currently 73,387 and at 78th % that means that 73,387 is equal to 22% (100% minus 78%) of the total players. To find the total devide 100 by 22 (equals 4.5454) then multiply that by 73,387 for a total of 333,573 players. Of course that is only an approximate total because each % is equal to about 3,300 players and there is no way to know exactly where in that number I am to calculate the accurate total. Hopefully this is not too confusing.....

      So what time is the math lesson after the spelling bee? LOL :)

      Oh, and obviously you care or you wouldn't have asked. :)

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      • April, I appreciate your input and think you are onto something here.. however after Daytona I was ranked 56% at 409,733, you then have to factor in ties at each level.. with that being said, if I stood alone at 50% there would have to be at least 819,466 teams (409,733 x 2).. So there is the flaw in our whole mathematical system. I lost 74,777 positions last week after Bristol and dropped 22% in the rankings (at 69% now). I'm not a alchemist by no means and from time to time could use help with my checkbook (LOL!!) It would be much easier if Yahoo!! would just provide the number of teams in this league.. Thank you for your help! Seriously..

      • I too came up with approx 333,000 by using your method.

        god help us if there are over a million and a half redneck nascar fans (i;m a fan not a redneck)

    • I laughed at this board all weekend, almost as much as I laughed when Harvick took Stewart out.


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