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  • Boobie™ Boobie™ Nov 19, 2008 7:10 PM Flag

    DaGoat...Read this please

    Rousch said:

    "A successful team is more than just a good driver, though obviously you need a good driver. The communication between the Knaus and Johnson has made that a premier team, just like Evernham and Gordon. If you listen to Johnson on the radio, he tells Knaus what the car is doing and trusts him to make it better. While other drivers will say give me a wedge, air or whatever adjustment that they want. This is ok if the driver is also a mechanic, but many of them now are not. This is a change of the old days when people like Dale Sr and Mark Martin where mechanics first and drivers second. Technology has also made it more complicated as well."

    I think this is the biggest factor with Eury and Jr, Jr was brought up listening to his father telling CC how to fix the car, and he does the same...the 48 team has proved how important a good CC is.....Being along time Chevy fan in nascar, it was great to hear JJ say that he or Chad would be where they are today without ol Jeff Gordon, He knows the value of a good CC


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