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  • cgros cgros Mar 11, 2008 3:03 PM Flag

    Dear Tony Stewart: SHUT UP AND DRIVE!!!!!

    Geeze is this Golf? Hell no, so shut your pie hole and use the only body part God blessed you with - your foot. If you can't find it, look in your mouth, which is located on your head. Can't find that? Look up your @$$ !!!

    Last week it was Gordon whining, now it is Tony... No I'm not a JR fan, but at least he knows where to point his frustration.

    I wish folks could watch and learn from Mark Martin... that's class.

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    • Couldn't have said it any better. Thank you.

    • Cgros SUCKS!!

    • Thanks for all your answers, DaGoat. The more I read these message boards the more I see the difference between boys who don't listen but rant on about a driver's comments and their body parts and men who actually answer to the point at hand. Your answers are always on the point and very informative. Actually, myself, I just love to hear Tony speak his mind. These guys say he's whining but they are not the guy going around the track at those speeds trying to hold on to a car that is not holding on to the track. It's real easy to sit at home on your couch and judge the guy actually doing the driving.

    • everybody wants to jump on tonys ass at least he has the balls to speak hes mind

    • ummm I guess that Tony is brainwash from Toyota because he whines and plays toy car!

    • I agree im sick of tony and his stupid mullet and him thinking he the greatest drive. id look out for Edwards and Kyle Busch

    • Hay Tony Your Crying like you did in the flip in Daytona 2001 Race when we Lost Dale Sr

    • well said chevy lover...

      for once gordon DOES makes a good point... and stewart is just a cry baby, they used the same tires in the nationwide series and they got not ONE complaint, these guys are professionals and their whining more about the young guns... and the thing that gets me most is stewart finished 2nd and hes complainin'... the guy is jus ridiculous

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      • Hey Rob.. I don't know if you have noticed or not, there are two different types of stockcars in the two (Nationwide & Sprint Cup) series. The COT (Sprint Cup) is a top heavy car with a different roll rate in the center balance of the car (cross wedge). This creates a premium on grip in the front end (to be more precise the right front) of the vehicle. The Nationwide series runs the old style car with a lower center of balance which is adjustable in three areas. Goodyear hasn't figured out there are two types of stockcars in these two series either so don't take it personal, ok?

    • after reading all replies on this subject i agree with most.
      I am a tony fan 1st and foremost. i'll defend any of his comments when he's right and tell anyone when i disagree with what he said. this is one of those times when i agree. the tire package was junk. yes goodyear pulled out of other series so they could focus on nascar. then they should know the track and have a good info for the track. but let's also remember these are new car designs and haven't run on several tracks so it could be a guessing game. several drivers were asking during the week at the tire testing at darlington about tony's comment.
      gordon and i believe edwards were there and they agreed tony was right in what he said they said they would not gone about it the same way. but like several have said... that's the way tony is.. he says what's on is mind and doesn't give a rats a** what anyone else thinks.

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      • things happen when people speak up. There are haters yes; but regardless of whether anyone likes what is said or not action is usually taken when IMPORTANT people talk. It is not fair but that is how it is, Yeley had tires problems all day and NASCAR knew about it and others that aren't or haven't been at the top don't seem to matter much unless they all unite. but you get a champion or JR to speak up and changes come to fix things so like it or not the Changes will help the whole series. Thanks Smoke

        Oh By the way don't you think Goodyear could have brought 2 different tires for the Nationwide and cup series. I mean the cars aren't the same, the weight is not the same why assume both will run the same. Complaining about costs as the reason. what a BS excuse... The tires have to be bought by the teams and Everyone HAS to HAve Tires there.

    • Why is it that when a driver speaks out he is
      labeled a crybaby whiner jerk or worse. Last
      season when Harvick and Montoya expressed
      their opinions with their fists everyone thought
      it was great.

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