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    Dear Tony Stewart: SHUT UP AND DRIVE!!!!!

    i agree tony is a whiner, but mark with class, now you are reaching, ive seen him looking at a 6 yr old comming towards him for a autograph and turn and walk away from her with his hands in the air like why is this child here!!! mark needs to retire and just go away,

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    • The general consensus here seems to be Tony Stewart was whinning about the tires at Atlanta and had he won he would not have slammed Goodyear at race end.. You appearently do not know Tony Stewart!! Tony's interviews would have lasted another minute or two had he won which would have added at least 45-50 seconds to his rant on the subject. Tony would also have been a guest speaker on NASCAR victory lane wherein Kenny Wallace and Jimmy Spencer (former cup drivers.) would have fanned the flames of Tony's ire, then we would have heard the ENTIRE story on why Goodyear sucks.. Hell, I like Goodyear tires.. I do not however drive them into 90 degree corners at 200 mph.. That could possibly change my opinion of the Goodyear rubber company! I believe in competition, (bring Hoosier, Firestone, hell even Yokohama to the series.) NASCAR believes in money.. big wads of money!! (Goodyear is not leaving NASCAR anytime soon.)

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      • Nascar is a business. It needs the fans to be interested. It's also a sport. You either love a guy, or love to hate him! like Dale Sr., Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart. Either way thats what Nascar wants. It sells!! Look at New England Pat's. You love them or hate them. Tony is Tony. He is a Great driver! what would You do if You were a driver and the tires wouldn't let You drive like You can? and who cares if you run 2nd, 3rd 43rd, or 1st. Is it worth causing a serious accident possibly serious injury? If You drive faster than You can control the car, then everyone says he's out of control. He's a risk to other drivers. I commend Tony for stating facts.


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