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  • It's just sheet metal, it's not tapped or bolted. Everyone who's ever worked with metal knows that sheet metal screws can strip very easily, especially with that amount of vibration. with 170lbs of force pushing up on it(170lbsB.S) they've resorted to 200m.p.h tape.

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    • No one said there was 170 lbs of force pushing up on the tank lid it's 170 pounds pushing up on the bottom of the car and removing that lid gives a place for the air to escape.

      Here is a quote I found on Jayski that makes me say 170lbs. "removing the cover on the oil tank (located in a steel box behind the driver's seat) resulted in 170 extra pounds of downforce"

      I do agree that sheet metal screws are easy to strip out.

    • What a naive comment. So when all the racers in the future see that Edwards gets away for it (for example sake), tell me how many of them aren't even going to bother putting the bolt/screw in there to start with...duh?


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