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  • shaddy shaddy Mar 8, 2008 9:40 AM Flag

    NASCAR Penalties

    I disagree 100% If Carl lid was off he had an advantage therfore he should have been penalized. I feel that if any driver, crew, or owner is found to be cheating in any way they should get a DQ. 100 points this early in the season is not that hard to overcome.

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    • I understand that the issue was a saftey hazzard and that is important. To have an advantage over other drivers. I have always thought you did what you could to win. You don't want to injure anyone but it racing you do want to go faster so the later part about improving the speed and handling is a little out of the racing. Why not put all cars in a lane with ups and downs and loops like in a slot car track and see who can win. OH make all the engines exact with the same settings and the cars with the same set up and all the safety features the same. In other word let NASCAR own the Car and then the teams would only have to provide a driver. Save money on the crews, spotters and haulers. Wouldn't that be fun.


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