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  • Da Goat® Da Goat® Mar 4, 2008 7:45 PM Flag

    Are you freakin' nuts Bob Margolis?

    Add two more road courses.. Are you outta your mind?! This isn't the IRL, F1, or the SCCA. It's NASCAR!! Take a good look at Tony George's wet dream and decide if you want to wash the goo off your hands or not, thats up to you.. But please at least brush your teeth before you make suggestions like that again! Road courses are not in the best interests of NASCAR, they are boring, follow the leader type races that only an indy car fan could enjoy. Leave follow the leader to the International racing community and we'll leave the right turns to the ambulance crews.. Thank You!!

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    • We certainly don't need another road course, though I would be OK with moving a current race into the chase. Maybe Infinion right after Phoenix. If you are going to build a track, build one with a personality. Probably one of the greatest tracks on the circuit is Richmond, a short track that thinks it is a big track. I have been to Daytona, Talladega, Charlotte, Michigan, Bristol, Martinsville and Richmond. The short tracks all have character and give the crowd a great entertainment value. We don't need another road course, bring back the Rock or North Wilksboro.

    • Big D Is The NASCAR Man! Big D Is The NASCAR Man! Mar 27, 2008 9:27 PM Flag

      road courses are somewhat boring in my opinion so two is plenty. Also, some of the cookie cutter tracks like Atlanta for example was downright boring to me because once someone got the lead, they would keep it for like 60 laps without a challenge at all. If you wanna add more races, go short-track! There's only 6 short track races, unless you count dover and new Hampshire, every year! Get rid of one or two of the cookie cutter races and put in more short tracks!

    • I know I am digging up a rotten corpse here, but have any of you read "Groomed For Stardom" scripted by none other than Bob Margolis?

      Once again Bobby thinks NASCAR's only future is across the pond. Our savior this time.. Colin Braun, a young phenom from road racing! Bob raves on and on about how Colin has performed against the "Best drivers in the world before comimng to NASCAR!".. NASCAR is where the best drivers in the world are Bobby, Hate to break that one to you.

      Bob give it up man!! JP (42) and Dario (40) are not that good!! Patrick (10) and Sammy Jr. (77) suck!! Deal with it Bro! F1 and the IRL only groom you for one thing in NASCAR.. FAILURE!!!

      Okay Bob, one more time.. I know you are slow, so try to pay attention. In NASCAR the car is twice as heavy and the tires are half as wide.. Therefore the comfort level of tire grip is reduced leading to frustration in confined quarters (which leads to a date with a concrete wall). HINT: (Their pyschy cannot handle this because their egos are larger than the enclosed roof can handle!! This is why they must drive open cock-pit cars.. THEIR FREAKIN' HEADS ARE TOO BIG!!)

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      • Hey to you DA GOAT; The point you make can be backed up with past history.
        How many of these open cockpit drivers have ever (backed up the hype) that preceeded them to the track. And can you even think of days gone by, to present, when there was such an abundance of these guys at the same time? It didn't work back..when..?..and it isn't working now..But like most things in life, if you throw enough (crap) at something, in the end.. sumthin.. is gonna stick..ain't that right there..BOB..??

    • Agreed... Road courses are boring as hell. Teams also pull in these so called road course experts, has one of those guys actually ever won one of the races. Either way, I think they should subtract before they add any. Pretty hard to beat those bristol/richmond races.

    • They should race at Kentucky, it would be a great race! California doesn't need two races, they didn't sell out the spring race and watch the number of empty seats in the fall event.. UNBELIEVABLE!!

    • why can't the race at the Ky speedway?
      it has perfectly good facilities...


    • I must agree with you buddy, in the beginning the cars were built to run on roads, only they were built specifically to outperform "stock cars" but look the same...the evolution of NASCAR has twisted the "stock" part to only accomodate oval tracks...that is why you have specific drivers that excell on road tracks...adding more road tracks will absolutely deter from the nascar experience

    • Exactly!! How about another Bristol or Darlington? 95% of the cup drivers say they hate those two tracks, but hand give them a shot at a trophy from either one of them and watch their eyes light up. The Norris division states want a cup race. BUILD A DARLINGTON STYLE TRACK! Build and they will come.. HEY NASCAR!! Give us back the Southern 500!

    • NASCAR ain't broke, so everyone should stop trying to fix it. Too much tinkering with something good always ruins it. We need another track like Richmond, not more road courses.

    • Thanks marty 100% agreed dont stray from the root if we wanted to see road racing we would turn on something else but we watch to see oval racing i still think a dirt track would be cool
      love ya again xoxoxoxoxo

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