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  • Bryan S Bryan S Feb 27, 2008 6:07 PM Flag


    I was just watching T.V. and it said that Fontana wants to change dates maybe with Atlanta (in the chase). Thats just what NASCAR needs a bad race track in the chase. I think they should keep it the way it is because I can't stand Fontana. It is one of the whose race tracks ever.

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    • unless your name is France or Bruton, then you can complain till your eyes fall out of your head, and the isc and smi boards will do what makes them money, not what you and i and 80percent of the fans want, move the 2nd cali date back to darlington, its the best racing on tv, and in the stands.

    • I was at the race this w/e and it sucked so so bad! rain, delay, rain, delay, paid good $ too, and for what? didn't get to see hardly no racing, got to see the big one that took out Jr... I usually always go to the Summer race and it's too freakin hot! This time too cold! I don't know, what to do? They need to make changes there! They are putting in escalators though for Sept race! Who ever says ppl dont got to the races there are crazy, every race i go to, they are sold out! It's jammed packed, always! including this last w/e, they ran out of everything, even AMP!! Well u all take care.

    • what a wonderful idea. For years now, fewer and fewer people come to their race. Fewer people watch. They get another date and kill the Southern 500. Fewer people still show up, year after year.

      When will NASCAR realize SoCal as a whole doesn't care very much about NASCAR? They don't even care about the NFL! If the NFL can't make it there, how can NASCAR?

      This reminds me of these school districts that have totally failed, despite the fact they spend more per pupil than the so called "rich" school districts - but their answer is they want to take over some districts currently doing a good job and expand their failure further. When will enough be enough for California Speedway?


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