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  • Xtreme ® Xtreme ® Feb 27, 2008 3:11 AM Flag

    Toyotas? I remember when this used to be America...

    Now the fat cats in Japan have aquired property in America so they can more easily siphon mega billions of profits out of our economy by pretending this is an American Car.
    To futher add insult, they have been welcomed into The Great American Sport by money grubbers and or morons who have lost their patriotism... It's like a politically corect Pearl Harbor. Corporate Terrorism, even.
    And all the while these Japanese businessmen, some of whom have been quoted as saying "Americans are stupid"... are laughing at us. I bet they even named their economy crushing car after an acronym:
    T urds
    O n
    Y our
    O wn
    T racks,
    A mercans.

    Perhaps they're right. Looking at how it's worked out... perhaps we have become stupid. The conquered nation is conquering the conquerer.

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    • must be a general motors employee.... mad because toyota's moving up and thier moving into bankruptcy. hmmm. japs must be doing somethig right....... maybe american greed could have something to do with it

    • stop hating loser your such an ignorant dumb ass, your just mad cause toyota is to good for american built cars, just except it , toyota owns nascar now and will for years to come.

    • i want a tundra

    • Most Imports are made in America as along with all domestic autos out of "global parts". I drive a Mazda built by Ford in America.

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      • Well said David, however I am not for one minute saying that any single manufacturer is my "favorite", in Nascar however the Toyota's get the tip of the cap. Don't you find it somewhat coincidental that they waited until Toyota's were used by a major competitor such as Joe Gibbs in the Sprint Cup, to start calling these cars the Car of Tommorrow? Think for one second it might be because they as well as any person do and should know that Toyota's are the greatest brand out there right now and most likely for a long time coming.
        With that being said there is not a single manufacturer out there, NOT ONE, that doesn't outsource parts manufacturing to another country. That is fact they all have something made in some other country, some maybe more than others. Another thing, your prejudices against a global economy can only attribute to one thing-hundreds of thousands of Americans losing jobs, very well paid jobs. Don't you think that money is generated back into the American economy. You all are nothing but prejudiced fools that are educated well in grammar however when it comes to economy and business you know squatch. "Prejudices of all kind, and only prejudices, are the main attribute to the unstable American and global economy today, and tomorrow." -Bill Gates You don't see forever in there in anywhere do ya?

    • I think you guys all need to relax. Who cares if foreign cars are used in Nascar? Yeah I understand, economy, economy blah blah blah. Its a sport, hell entertainment really. Should we not allow foreigners to play baseball either? Last I checked the majority of the money that Americans invest at American racetracks, on American cable or internet providers to watch the sport goes back to the American economy. So if an import makes our sports more exciting and draws bigger crowds or better ratings then, as far as I can tell, we are still winning. Also for all of you who despise foreign made products, well, this may upset you. If you open up the same computer you are using to run your mouths you will see just about all of it is made in Japan. In fact, in most of your computers the Windows operating system is the only thing American about it. So how many of you idiots are willing to throw your computer away?

      -Made in America

    • the problem with toyota is they did this in other forms of racing, came in, threw money around domanated the thing, bought out alot of teams, then left and when they did they left the sceries in runis and thats the major problme

      although, i do have to say something on toyotas part, if people remember at one time the manufactures actully helped and provided parts and everything for race teams...and thats what toyota's doing, they looked at nascar past, saw that people were more competative with manufacture support, so thats what there doing, no other maufacture in nascar support there race teams like toyota does and thats what needs to be done

      the other manufactures really need to pick it up, i think dodge has some, as has ford, but chevy was so domanate last year that they did like what carl edwards did in the allstar race, they thought were doing so good we dont need to change or improve anything, thats also why hendrick isnt doing as good

      so although i HATE the fact that toyotas in this sport, perhaps it will encurage the american manufactures to support there teams more

      just a thought

    • I love dealing with know-it-alls. TOYOTA employs more americans in it's U.S. factories than the Big 3 combined. A Toyota is the most american made car there is. FORD's are mainly made in Mexico while GM/Chrysler are assembled mainly in Canada..............fact.
      From a 25yr owner of TOYOTAS........

      GO #88

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      • There is also something else you need to understand, if it weren't for all of these foreign investors in the American economy right now at these dier and tough times with the economy, then we would be in 100% worse condition then what we are, look it up, it's a fact. Foreign investors, for the most part Japan, is the only reason why you aren't having to rob and kill people right now to feed and shelter your families. So before your uneducated as goes starting some cult against the foreigns you had better start praising them for everything that they do to keep our economy somewhat stable. It damn sure ain't the rednecks that we have running our congress and white house or the American made corporations that do nothing but lie, cheat, and steal their way to the top. That is the facts of the matter. I hate it just as much as any noble homegrown American, but we need to be thanking them as much as we possibly can, that is why Toyota's are so dominant in Nascar. If it weren't for Toyota's company right now half of the population of America would be without a good job. Toyota is the greatest company an American can work for. They give all their workers free insurance and benefits, you sure as hell don't see none of the big three giving anything away for free and you never will. Because they are ran by greedy, selfish, uneducated backwoods discriminating rednecks.

    • Evil... Very well said. That part about the plantation owners was classic. lol

    • Congratulations CHP! Out of 65 posts you win the prize for creating the maximum amount of stupid in the fewest amount of words. While there are a few other Toyota supporters in the posts, none have managed to be so blatently uninformed.
      Ironically, you have made it painfully obvious, that it is you... who needs to do some research. Perhaps you might want to read the posts prior to yours in this topic, which have addressed your comments with some intelligence and 'real' statistics. Start with the 5 posts before yours and work your way back. Get your 12 year old sister to read it to you.

    • give me a break, toyota employs more americans than ford or dodge. And without the sale of japanese cars in the united states, more than 2/3 of us would be even more broke than we already are because of their horrible resale and reliability of the american car. try not to be to racist my friend. do a little reasearch before you run off at the mouth next time.

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