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  • James K James K Feb 26, 2008 6:17 AM Flag

    All this Earnhardt talk!!!

    Petty does have 200 wins no contest. But he also ran a lot more races to get to that mark. They raced 2-3 times a week against the not so talented or funded teams. MOPAR dipped alot of money Petty's way, while other teams were operating on a shoe string and there was that Super Bee / Daytona car advantage.
    Earnhardt did it the hard way, came from nothing and made something 7 chamionships & 76 wins. The competition was much better in Earnhardt's era than Petty's.
    I would be more inclined to give the King title to D. Waltrip than to Richard Petty because he competed against Petty's era & Earnhardt's era.
    As great as Jeff Gordon is, he cannot touch Petty's win record but he can catch the Championship titles. So what are you going to measure then titles or wins?
    Every era has it best driver 60-70's Petty, 70 -80's waltrip, 80-90's Earnhardt, 90-00's J. Gordon.
    This is like comparing the New York yankee's Ruth or Jeter who is better? does it matter they are both champions from 2 different eras.