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    All this Earnhardt talk!!!

    I agree with the point that Jr is not a bad driver. He is just not the best driver right now. Now that he is with Henricks he will have the chance to show he is the best or near the top. He did do better at daytona..but he always runs good on super speedways.
    The point I do disagree with is Sr being the best. Sr is 2nd best. The King RIchard Petty was the best. Just look in the record books. All I can say is 200 wins..Sr only has 76. I know Petty ran for 10 more years, but even if you double Sr's wins to 152 that still puts him behind by 48wins (48 wins alone makes you 12th alltime).They both have 7 championships..But Petty ran against better compitition.(pearson,yarborough,allison,waltrip and Sr) Sr biggest compitition= Allison, waltrip and gordon all have more wins then he did. Then there is the whole super bowl of nascar thing the daytona 500..... Petty=7 / Sr=1. Petty has 3 more then the closest person. I know Sr. gave nascar a big personality love him or hate and was a good driver a great driver. BUT PETTY IS THE KING

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    • I agree but he is not his dad and everyone needs to understand that

    • Stop living in the past! Jr sucks plain and simple! He is not his dad. The only chance he has is he drives for the best team.

    • Most of the wins came before all the others came into the picture...And i also dont like him because he was a **** off the track. Must have rubbed off on to his idiot son Kyle...

    • Petty does have 200 wins no contest. But he also ran a lot more races to get to that mark. They raced 2-3 times a week against the not so talented or funded teams. MOPAR dipped alot of money Petty's way, while other teams were operating on a shoe string and there was that Super Bee / Daytona car advantage.
      Earnhardt did it the hard way, came from nothing and made something 7 chamionships & 76 wins. The competition was much better in Earnhardt's era than Petty's.
      I would be more inclined to give the King title to D. Waltrip than to Richard Petty because he competed against Petty's era & Earnhardt's era.
      As great as Jeff Gordon is, he cannot touch Petty's win record but he can catch the Championship titles. So what are you going to measure then titles or wins?
      Every era has it best driver 60-70's Petty, 70 -80's waltrip, 80-90's Earnhardt, 90-00's J. Gordon.
      This is like comparing the New York yankee's Ruth or Jeter who is better? does it matter they are both champions from 2 different eras.

    • well for all the talk of petty....get ur facts straight...pearson ran 4 full seasons and won 3 championships.......petty would run minor races....now called the busch/nationwide series and until the 80's those counted for wins..........and gordon did not catch sr until years after he was killed......76 of petty's wins were in those series.......so what do you mean better?and as far as daytona........one win there for sr true, but no one has won more races on that track then sr.......so why not one of the greatest if not the greatest...and if u wanna name more to be considered for the greatest....check out the numbers on pearson before u speak out

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      • All this chase talk!! C'mon guys! Earnhardt would have won at least 3 more championships in the present points system! The "Chase" would have suited Dale Sr. just fine.. Could you imagine the "Intimidator" only needing 3-4 wins to wrap up a championship? How many times did RCR's #3 finish in the top 10? Every year.. Hmmm!

      • I believe I have my fact straight. I did have Pearson's name in there when I listed the the great driver Petty ran against. Even if you take away Pettys lesser win he still has more then anyone (200-76=124). Pearson also raced and won his 3 championships in the 60's when all the races counted. Actully he never won a championship after they went to less races which was in 72'. And yes he did only run 4 full years, but if he wanted to be the greatest ever he should have ran more races in his 26 years racing. If he would have then I might be saying he was the best ever. As far as Daytona yes Sr won the most races there 34 total but 12= gatorade duels and 6= bud shootouts 7=nationwide. Maybe he shouldn't have wasted his wins on the ones that don't really matter. He even only won 2 pepsi 400 (Petty=3) so Petty has 10 tops series wins to Sr 3 at Daytona. But I did say Earnhardt Sr was great, 7championships is awesome.. there is nothing wrong with being the 2nd greatest alltime(only for earnhardt fans)
        then Pearson and Gordon. Gordon needs a couple more wins and another championship. He only has 4 to there 7,but if he does win another he will have a "chase for the cup championship"...which is something the other greats never had to deal with.

    • jeff gordon is 2nd best. he has 81 wins, and the guy is only 36. which means 10 more yrs and he might( highly unlikely ) have 200 wins too.

    • That is why they call him the King.....You R correct Sr.


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